Chapter 2

The phone rang. A man sleepily reached over and fumbled with the receiver and managed to bring it to his ear.

“Hello?” He answered groggily.

“Sir? Sorry to wake you early on your day off but Detective Williams is unavailable and there is a situation in need of attention.”

“What situation?”

“There was an incident on the underground in the early hours of the morning sir”

“Cut the ‘Sir’ crap and tell me what happened” The man growled getting annoyed with the caller.

“I was told not to give details over the phone si…uh detective”

“Fine. I’ll be in now. What station is the train at?”

“Euston sir”


The man hung up the phone and forced himself out of the bed. He stretched out and got ready for work. He left the house fifteen minutes after he had received the call and was soon on his way to work on his motorbike. He blasted through the almost deserted streets of early morning London. He hadn’t been in London long but he had already made a name for himself as one of the best in the field of detective work. He was very rarely friendly, as a few unlucky colleagues had found out, but when it came to his work he was professional and clinical.

He arrived at the tube station and was shown straight down to the crime scene by a nervous looking officer whom he shooed as he approached the train. There was already security tape across the doors of the carriage of the train which contained the body so it was easy to find the scene. He ducked in under the tape and stepped around the forensics team who were in the middle of their work of documenting the scene.

“COD?” The detective asked.

“It’s lovely to see you too John” The lead examiner replied cheerily without looking up from the body. “It seems our friend here was stabbed once in the chest and allowed to bleed out. He has a bruise on his jaw but I can’t say if it was at the same time as the stabbing yet. You’ll have to wait until we get a Time of Death first”

“That’s an awful lot of blood for one stab wound” John pointed out.

“Yes. We’re working on that. Possibly another donor to our pool here”

“Any signs of a struggle, any fingerprints or anything like that?” John questioned the lead examiner.

“So far, no. Not so much as a hair on or around the body”

“That’s a bit strange isn’t it? He doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with hygiene, and yet he is clean?”

“It’s very possible, even probable that his body was cleaned after the stabbing”

"Who found him?"

"The train operator. He's been brought down to the station for a statement" 

“So you have nothing for me to work on?”

“Afraid not John, you will have to..” The lead examiner was interrupted by another examiner who whispered into his ear and then went back to work. “I have a Time Of Death at least” The examiner said happily. “He has been dead about eight hours. It is now 9am, so that puts the TOD at 1am this morning”

“Thanks” John said before abruptly leaving the scene on his way to go to see the security tapes of the stations, and check out for witnesses.

The End

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