Chapter Sixteen Cont.Mature

“Stop thinking about it, just tell me,” Matt interrupted. I shook my head at him.

“You won't understand,” I murmured. He studied me and I knew he could see right through me. He looked away, arms crossed with a frown.

“Whatever happened to 'you can tell me anything'? I won't judge you,” he insisted.

“You will for this,” I whispered, knowing he'd still hear my words. I saw his fist clench slightly, telling me I'd just confirmed a suspicion he'd have.

“It's my fault. I should've never sent you back,” he said. He turned to meet my shocked gaze. He lifted a hand and moved a step closer before lowering it.

“I'm sorry,” he muttered, turning and walking away. I watched his back as he he left, the look in his eyes burning me. I blinked away tears, ignoring the guilt I could do nothing about. I've always known about Matt's feeling, even took advantage of them. I tried to return them but never could. It had been like that with any guy. I just couldn't let them in, couldn't share the deep feelings they had. I guess it was just karma that I was experiencing the flip side.

I headed down to the tunnels, not wanting to hang around the colony anymore. Too many people who would stare at me. Somehow everyone knew something was wrong, but only Matt tried to ask what. Everyone just assumed it was the fear of facing Sergio. Or Zara if they were there that day. No one knew about Cain, and why would they suspect? The entrance to the tunnels were all over the place and I picked the nearest. I climbed down the steel ladder steps and half jumped onto the concrete below. Dust rose to greet me and I saw bits of rubble dotting the walkway. Before these tunnels had a different purpose, but we'd never been able to figure out what. Stan knew no doubt, but he'd never shared it. He was more interested in the technological stuff we could salvage. Though despite his many attempts, he'd failed to bring any of it back to life.

I walked for a few miles, checking the walls as I did. On them we'd painted arrows and symbols as directions. Only rebels could know what they meant, though I'm sure a vampire would give it a shot. They may have known about the tunnels. But I doubted they knew why we used them, other than as a escape route. I reached my destination and climbed up. I lifted the metal cover and peered through the gap to check no one was around. I pulled myself onto the stone and looked straight ahead. This was the outskirts of the rubble city, where nature had become overgrown in the absence of humans. I glanced back at the half fallen buildings and the twisted, smashed up huge pieces of metal. Stan said they were called cars before. Now they were just part of the destroyed landscape.

I turned away and headed into the woods, looking for decent fallen branches I could turn into new bolts. I managed to get a few good ones when I felt the heat of the sunrise. I headed back into the tunnels, waving at today’s scavenge groups as they passed me. They'd raid for anything useful in the city, usually silver was the priority. But anything for the civilians like clothes or entertainments would be grabbed too.

The End

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