In For The KillMature

Chapter Fifteen: In For The Kill

Cain was gone when I woke up, but his smell kept me company as always. I was going to struggle to adapt when I returned. At least I hadn't been kept up with inappropriate dreams or forceful memories. I grabbed a quick shower and got dressed up. Outside the sun was headed towards the horizon. I didn't have much time until someone came for me. Then I'd have to face Sergio. I hoped Matt had received the transmission and returned to the bathroom. I pulled out the needle, glaring at the sharp point. I'd never been a fan of them, but had no other option. I could try to consume the contents, but they wouldn't enter my system fast enough. I tied some cloth round my upper arm and pumped my fist. Through a stroke of luck I didn't miss the vein the first time. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin as the cold liquid raced through my veins. I had no clue how long it would linger in my body, or if Sergio would be able to sense its presence. I just had my own tongue and luck to rely on.

I shoved the empty needle back into its box and then into my bag. Just in time as Cain turned up. He didn't seem to notice any difference, except the understandable tension in my muscles.

“I can stay in the room if you want,” Cain suggested. The thought gave some comfort and I wanted to say yes. But if he was there he'd seen the immediate effects my blood would have on Sergio. I had less chance of making a clean escape.

“I should do this on my own,” I replied, my eyes steely. He nodded and led the way. He opened the door and I walked in, hearing the click as it shut behind me. A grand fireplace took up the centre of the room, casting dark shadows on Sergio's features. The room was thick-carpeted like Cain's, but all that was before me was a few sofas, a desk and some bookcases. Another door must've led to his actual room. He turned, facing me with cool assessing eyes.

“I half-expected you to make a run for it,” Sergio said with a small laugh.

“Where would the point be? I have no where else to go, and you would track me down eventually,” I replied. He laughed again, the sound made the hairs on my neck stand up.

“All true, I should stop underestimating your intelligence,” Sergio said, taking a step closer. He really should, based on how relaxed he was, he suspected nothing.

“But don't underestimate mine either,” he said as he moved closer. I pulled back sharply as a nail scratched across my neck. The cut was paper-thin and stung like hell. But it wasn't going to kill me.

“A rebel returning here, without any resources to assist the cause?” he asked, raising the finger to his lips. He sniffed before putting it in his mouth. I heard the sound of burning instantly and he spat it out. I backed away as he glared at me.

“Did you really think taking me down would be that simple?” he asked with a sadistic grin, moving towards me. I tried to yell out as his hand closed around my throat, cutting off my voice box and the air around me. I tried to gulp down breaths as he lifted me off the floor. My feet franticly kicking at the air. My vision was growing blurry, blood pounded round my skull as a headache formed.

“Your going to die slowly and painfully,” he whispered. Shots rang out, distracting him. I kicked out, connecting with his gut. He growled in annoyance, but his grip had loosened, allowing me to get more precious air and think straight. I grabbed the stake under my jacket and striked. I didn't have enough force to get past the ribs, but it still had the desired effect. He dropped me and I rolled on the floor, breathing in deeply. He cursed and yanked the stake out, throwing it to the floor before me.

“Want to try that again?” he snarled, reaching for me again. I pulled out my pistol and let my shot join the others. I didn't hang around to see the damage I'd done. Just raced out the door quickly. No Cain was around or any guards but the smell of smoke wafted to my nose. I ran like my life depending on it, hearing his yells of fury follow me down the corridor. So much for hoping I'd somehow killed him. I expected him to catch up with me at any moment but he didn't. Obviously he was more concerned with the commotion going on within his castle. I ran blindly and ran head first into someone.

“Nicole!” Matt yelled, pulling me into a bear hug. It would've been nicer if I hadn't recently been denied air.

“I didn't manage it, he knew what I was planning,” I said, my voice horse. Matt nodded, having prepared for this possibility. He used two fingers to whistle and I realised there were other soldiers behind him. I followed them as we retreated. But I could see the damage we'd done. Our own men had died no doubt, but so had a lot of vampires. Vampires intercepted our escape and I put the pistol to use.

The End

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