Chapter Twelve Cont.Mature

“So, you're Nicole, one of the rebel leaders,” he said, dropping his other arm and leaning back to openly study me.

“I wouldn't consider myself a leader,” I replied. Really, I didn't, I made plans that were good. How did that make me a leader? Matt was the one who dealt with the people.

“My people have been aware of your existence of a while. Captured soldiers seem to think of you that way,” Sergio said, chuckling softly beforehand at my denial. That was more believable, I did lead the soldiers. But the vampires seem to have misunderstood. But then Sergio was a warlord and their leader. I tried not to think too much about what his first sentence implied. Could he know I was Lyra?

“Well, that doesn't really matter anymore. My people abandoned me,” I said, trying to keep my voice emotionless. It'd make no sense for me to sound sad, not around someone like Sergio.

“Yes, they think you were trying to return as a spy. So I heard.” Sergio flicked a glance Cain's way, his voice skeptical.

“So what use will you be to me? I was under the impression you wouldn't disclose information on your people,” Sergio continued, practically spitting the last word out in distaste. It made my veins burn with a serious desire to shove a stake in his chest.

“That because I have no guarantee it will just be the rebels that die,” I replied causing him to narrow his eyes at me.

“Any human that goes to the rebels for aid is a rebel themselves,” he said back. I sensed Cain's gaze on me, begging me not to push too far.

“I don't think children can be accused of those sort of choices,” I replied, crossing my arms and meeting his glare head-on. Silence reigned for a few dragging second and then he laughed. When he looked up there was an almost appraising look on his face.

“Okay, I'll give you a chance. Beat one of my soldiers and I'll let you live,” Sergio said.

“Father-!” Cain's yell was cut off by a dark look from Sergio. Cain sighed, sending me a worried look.

“I believe Johnson was interested in killing you. Stop him from doing so,” Sergio replied. I saw Johnson step from the many vampires crowding the walls. His expression far too eager for my liking.

“I doubt you're going to give me a means to defend myself?” I asked, keeping my sight locked on Johnson as he approached. I saw the sword hanging from his hip. Sergio barked an order and I caught the stake instinctively, I glanced at it. I sent Sergio a side glance, he was really going to let me kill one of his men? I saw Johnson hesitate but he continued walking. Or was it all a big trick? If I didn't fight back I'd die. If I did a vampire would, resulting in a death sentence. I could tell Cain shared my thoughts as he stepped away. Though he didn't fully rejoin the others surrounding us.

“I'm going to enjoy this,” Johnson whispered when there were only a few metres between us. I gave him a forced smile of confidence.

“So will I,” I replied, flashing the stake. I knew he had no reason to be scared though. A one on one fight? I was screwed, but I wasn't about to give up so easily. There was no go command, no nod or wave of the hand. The air just changed and I knew Johnson was going to attack. I ducked, avoiding his sword and elbowed him in the gut, throwing my whole body weight behind it. It had the desired affect and he took a step back, one hand clutching his stomach. Th other hand losing grip on the sword. I tried to lunge at him with the stake but he grabbed my wrist, aiming it upwards. This close I could smell his breath and see his fangs, I tried to yank away but his other arm was wrapped around me, trapping me. He dropped his sword, confident he didn't need it anymore.

I could hear Cain sharp intake of breath. I knew if I looked at Sergio, there would be a satisfied smile on his face. Knew everyone in the room was just waiting for the kill to happen.

“Game over,” he said, leaning in for my neck.

“Hell no,” I replied, I raised a knee fast. I heard the air leave his lungs as I hit his crotch. He fell to the ground cursing. I moved quickly before he could recover. I used my legs to pin his and one hand to hold his wrists. The other hand held the stake, which pressed ever so slightly into his chest. His eyes widened, shock evident.

“You spoke too soon,” I said.

The End

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