Chapter Eleven Cont.Mature

“Playing with someone tends to be more interesting than by myself,” I said. He threw his jacket over the chair and sat down opposite me.

“You're right, it is. But it's been a while since I've played, I doubt I’ll be much of an opponent,” he said, resetting the board.

“So I'll get to the one that wins for once? Sounds good to me,” I said, making him laugh and shake his head at me. He might have told the truth when he'd said it'd be a while but the game was nowhere near as easy expected. I muttered a curse when I realised what he'd done.

“Couldn't let me win just the once, huh?” I said, knocking my king over with a quick flick of my middle finger.

“Wouldn't want you get cocky or anything,” Cain replied, leaning back with a big grin.

“Sore winner,” I said, sticking out my tongue at him before glancing at the clock, two in the morning.

“So, what happened?” I asked, replacing all the pieces while Cain decided what to say. His expression didn't leave a lot of space for a positive outcome.

“They said they couldn't decide. Too many mixed opinions,” Cain said. I felt my forehead knit into furrows at his words.

“How is that a bad thing?” I asked, surely no decision was better than nothing, just more time to buy.

“Because they all did agree on one thing. They're letting my dad make the decision,” Cain said. I froze, a knight in my fingers and looked up. Before my memories I wouldn't have liked the idea of being the same room as Sergio Val'Terrice. But with them? The idea sent shudders down my spine and anger burning through my veins.

“Which means what?” I asked.

“It means tomorrow you meet the leader of vampires. Try to play nice. I accept your honesty and respect it. He won't, he'll take offence … and that will end badly for you,” Cain said. Like I needed him to spell it out for me I thought darkly. He finished returning all the pieces and put the set away on top of his wardrobe, tall enough to not need a chair like me.

“He's going to already dislike me because of what I am. How exactly do I survive tomorrow even with politeness?” I asked pointlessly. Cain and Sergio did not share the same thought processes, of that much I knew.

“I know you probably don't want to hear this. But if you gave us some information-” Cain started, my look cut him off and he sighed.

“You still protect them, why? You don't owe them anything from the sounds of it,” Cain said, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. I laughed at him and stood up from my chair.

“Look, maybe all you see is the soldiers you fight. But the colony also holds family's that are there because there's no one else they can go. Children. You think I want to have that sort of thing on my conscious?” I replied. His face paled a little at what I said, though how they could've not noticed that whole families lived with us I failed to see. I climbed into the bed and laid down with my back to him. All I heard for a few moments was my heavy breathing and then the lights turned off.

“Oh, Penelope popped by earlier,” I added over my shoulder. I heard him stop in whatever he was doing and then the door opened and closed. I didn't care I told myself. He can bite anyone as long as it isn't me. Except it wasn't just biting and it was the other thing bothering me. I growled at my dumb thoughts and forced my eyes to shut, after a lot of tossing and turning I managed to sleep again.

The End

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