Game of ChessMature

Chapter Eleven: Game of Chess

I woke up when the door opened again and sat up, expecting to see Cain. But the way they walked wasn't right. I crawled off the bed quietly, landing with a soft shush sound on the carpet. The bed was between us and when I glanced around the corner the figure didn't seem to have noticed my presence. Most likely not a vampire I concluded.

“Where's he off too?” I recognised the arrogant husky voice instantly.

“Penelope?” I whispered, making her jump on the spot. I saw her fumble for the lights and snapped my eyes shut in advance so I wouldn't be blinded. I heard her gasp of shock and stood, blinking slowly to adjust.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice etched with fear as she backed away. I could see now that she only wore shorts and a low-cut top. Just what had her intentions been when she came here? It wasn't too hard to guess.

“Calm down, Cain knows I'm here,” I replied, rolling my eyes at her panicked voice. She didn't look entirely convinced but she lowered her arms.

“It'd be more convincing if you lost the rebel get-up,” she said.

“Says the girl showing as much skin as possible,” I replied, making her cheeks turn red. She tried to find words but stuttered out unintelligible things instead.

“I'll tell Cain you dropped by in case he wants blood,” I continued. Trying not to sound too judgemental as I spoke. Blood was one thing, but sex with one of them? Just when I thought my opinion of the girl couldn't get lower. She looked even more embarrassed by my words and left quickly. I lied back down, trying to fall asleep but I was too alert again. I picked up my bag and pulled out the small box. Could I really inject this into me and watch the pain it'll cause him? I wished there was an alternative to this whole mess. I should've never let Matt convince me to do this.

I threw the box back in my bag and slumped back. Everything smelled of Cain in here, it was overpowering. Everything would be easier if vampires never existed in the first place. Then Cain would've been another human and everything in my head would make sense. Only this was far from a perfect world. I threw the covers off me with a loud sigh, knowing I wasn't going to get to sleep again. I looked around his room more and saw something poking from the top of his wardrobe. I pulled his desk chair to see what it was.

“Been years since I've seen one of these,” I murmured as I carefully pulled it down, it was heavier than I expected. The chess set was probably made of something fancy like marble. I quickly correct myself mentally, realising I'd been wrong. I'd played this as a kid too. I guess my beginners luck as a training soldier wasn't all that beginners. I set up the pieces, trying to remember some of the moves I'd always throw at the guys back in the colony. They got sick and tired of me winning so much. Then there was a raid and the set we'd managed to find was lost.

I was a few moves into a game with myself when the door opened and Cain walked in. He looked exhausted, I had a feeling his voice might be sore from yelling too. He watched me take a rook silently and I stopped, wondering if I'd done something wrong by taking down the set, it had been pretty dusty.

The End

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