Pushed in One DirectionMature

Chapter Nine: Pushed in One Direction

Life in the colony was simple. We woke when with the sun's light and ate and drank what rations we'd managed to scourge from the nearby towns. And the few plants we'd managed to make grow here. I took up guard duty today, starring out across the expense of desert from the wall. My mind was still assimilating all the memories and as more and more came I felt myself growing sad, but I couldn't figure out why. I'd kept Cain's coat in the end, sleeping with it felt right for some reason. I sighed and watched the horizon for any travellers, during the day we were safe. The vampires were unable to attack then. Even the older ones couldn't withstand the dessert sun.

“Did you really refuse to go back and kill the prince?” A random stranger asked me. I didn't dignify it with a response. So Matt had started a rumour so that peer pressure would make me change my mind? The sneaky jerk I thought bitterly. I stormed from the wall and headed to the war room where Matt was talking to the other soldiers.

“We need to talk, now,” I said with crossed arms. He met my gaze evenly and dismissed the others with a small nod. I stormed fully into the room and slammed my fists on the table in frustration, something he found amusing.

“You can't expect me to go back there. It's bad enough having to deal with my memories here. Imagine what they'll be like there. And if I slip up ... Sergio will kill me,” I said. Matt studied me and leaned back in his chair with his feet on the table.

“That ain't the reason Nicole, stop lying,” Matt said with his head shaking. He picked up his drink and took a swing. I starred at him in confusion, of course it was the real reason, why else would I-. I stopped myself mid-thought and released a defeated sign, collapsing into a chair opposite him. I stole the drink from his hand and drained the alcoholic substance in two gulps. I grimaced, it wasn't the best stuff I'd tasted.

“It's going to sound insane,” I said. Matt pulled his feet back and leaned forward.

“Try me,” he said. The candles in the room highlighting the scar across his right cheek and nose, gained during his first encounter with a vampire. I'd been there and we'd covered each others backs as always. He probably knew me better than anyone, which made this all the more harder to say.

“I can't kill Cain,” I sighed, looking anywhere but at his eyes. I knew he was taking in my words and assessing them.

“Why?” he asked, instead of making the various comments he must be wanting to make. I sighed and wished I had another drink.

“I got to know him Matt. He's nothing like Sergio-” I began. Matt shook his head causing me to stop.

“It's true Matt. He'd change things, make them better for us,” I yelled, standing and sending my chair to the ground with suddenness of it. He watched me calmly, his interlocked fingers twitching.

“He could've just made it up Nicole. He wanted your trust right? If he was so different he wouldn't have bitten you. He had to know it bothered you. And I severely doubt you went down without a fight,” Matt said, making my hand go to my neck instinctively. I wanted to argue more, believe that Cain was as different as he seemed. But the more I thought about it, the more Matt's words made sense. Cain was just as manipulative as his father, the only difference was that Sergio did it with threats. Cain's way was worse.

The End

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