Chapter Eight: Escape

I felt the familiar brush of the long grass and starred around, expecting to see the safe memory. But there was no laughing. I was on my own and the smell of smoke was burning my lungs. Against my will my legs began to walk and I realised I was an observer, but from within. I reached the castle easily, the wind buffeting my hair into my eyes. I pushed it aside to run into the castle. Aware the smoke and fire inside was dangerous. I walked corridors like they were the back of my hand and found a huge throne room. I opened my mouth to speak but the sound of concrete smashing stopped me.

“What have you done?” the vampire king spat, glaring at my father with enough venom to take down a warrior. His fist was covered in chalk, where he had punched the wall in frustration.

“I told you there would consequences if you didn't rethink you're laws Sergio,” my father replied, standing his ground with crossed arms. The king growled and reached up, ripping the handmade cloth showing both their families clean in half. He threw it on the ground between them.

“I don't need the approval of your people to control them Leon,” he said. He saw me watching, my mouth wide in confusion.

“Guards, take them away,” he yelled. I felt arms grab me and lift me, I tried to fight but I was helpless, only ten years old. I met his eyes for a split second, he shared my confusion. He opened his month, demanding they let me go.

“Stay out of this boy,” the king growled, silencing him abruptly. I watched with watering eyes as he stood there, unable to do anything but watch me be taken away.

I woke with a start, my breathing coming in grasp. I ran a shaking hand through my hair, pushing back sweaty strands. It took a moment for me to orientate myself and remember I was in Cain's room. The thought of him made my pulse jump, after the dream I could see the pieces adding up. I got out of the bed and knew I had to act fast. There was no way I could stay here, not after that. I opened his wardrobe and saw the jacket from the day he'd caught me. The knife was in an inside pocket, I shoved it in my belt and pulled out the jacket too. It was thundering and raining outside and I'd need more protection than the clothes I had on. It was dark outside, which meant vampires would be up and awake. A big chance I'd get caught, but the thought of staying here made my skin itch. Memories kept bombarding me as I walked through corridors. My mind recalling the corridors rarely used and finding the entrance easily despite not going near Zara's route.

I didn't have food or any other resources but I couldn't risk being caught. I opened the small door and left, feeling the freezing beat of water on my skin instantly. I pulled Cain's jacket tighter, breathing in his smell and started walking. I found the river quickly and found myself recalling the way, knowing where an old tree blocked my path and how to get around it through the nearby woods. When I reached the field the smell of lavender was overpowering and more memories rushed to the surface. Me and Cain playing so many times. Claiming we'd always be together. And moments before my dream he'd been here with me. The memory of the simple kiss made me touch my lips.

I fisted my hand and kept walking. I'd gotten my answers, but none of them made sense. Sergio had decided to join his son with a human in an attempt to calm any disputes. But my own father opposed the laws he put in place. It was my father that caused the very first revolt, is that when I was found by the rebels? It made sense, but then why did no one know who I was? Things still didn't add up and all I could do was concentrate on moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other. I passed swiftly through a big town, avoiding any eye contact, glad no vampire went near me.

The rain eventually stopped and the sun rose up, warming my drenched skin a little. No one had followed me, and I wondered if it was a lucky escape. Or Cain giving in to me, letting me return to my people at last. Why would he do something like that though?

The End

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