Chapter Seven Cont.Mature

“Do you still have the knife you stole from me?” I asked, the question surprised him then I saw understanding dawn.

“That would be dumb. I couldn't guarantee your safety in that situation,” he replied. I shook my head and growled inwardly, too many feeling and conflicting ideas in my head. I could feel a headache blooming to life beneath my eyes. I buried my head in one hand before pulling it through my hair and sighing.

“I really don't want to do this,” I stated and he laughed.

“I kind of got that part. But there is only so much I can do. Trust me, if things were my way I'd set up a different system for this whole thing,” he said with an awkward laugh. I starred at him.

“What sort of system?” I asked curiously. His cheeks flushed ad I got the sense his opinion on a lot of things got ignored by his father.

“Only those who are okay with getting bitten get bitten. The rest is blood donation by needle. Like humans used to do,” he explained. He was referring to the time before vampires had taken control. A time before either of us were probably born.

“Sounds like a good idea,” I said, starting to agree with Helen's first words about Cain. He would be a better leader than his father. I'd exhausted any way to put this off and we both knew it.

“It'll be easier if you lie down,” he suggested, gesturing to his bed. The whole idea was more intimate than I was comfortable with.

“I'm fine standing,” I said. He nodded, then he head bent and I felt his breath on my neck. The flight or fight instinct sending adrenaline through my veins. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the sharp pain. Sure enough it came as his fangs sank into my skin. But it didn't last and I found myself surprised by a warm feeling filling me. I stood there, feeling his arms support me. My fears were gone, was that this feeling? I couldn't decide if it was dangerous that a vampire could cause this. As abruptly as it had started it stopped. Light-headedness rushed to greet me and I stumbled where is stood and Cain had to catch me.

“That's why is suggested lying down,” he said as he gently sat me down. He sat nearby with his legs crossed, watching me carefully. I pushed hair from my face and tried to calm my breathing.

“How did you do that?” I asked, starring at him.

“Do what?” he asked and I blinked. Was he really going to deny what had just happened?

“It didn't was actually kind of nice. So what did you do?” I explained. He blinked this time, confusion clear in his expression.

“I was just careful not to move and hurt you. Vampire can't make a bite not hurt a little,” he replied. His words made sense, but didn't match my experience. I tried to stand again but quickly had to grab the wall for support.

“Jeeze, how much did you take?” I asked, only mildly irritated. More at my inability to stand up straight than at him.

“No more than needed, you said no passing out,” Cain said defensively. So he'd basically stopped before the point when I'd pass out. I rolled my eyes and tried to step away from the wall, Cain had to catch me again. The feel of his warmth around me startled me and I looked up, our faces were close again. I looked down and pulled away from him.

“Thanks,” I said, using his shoulder and chest to give me temporary support. I paused, starring in shock.

“You have a heartbeat?” I half yelled, making him laugh. The feel of it reverberated through his body and into mine. He kept laughing, trying and failing to speak. It annoyed me that I amused him this much with my ignorance.

“Yes, I do. It's slower than yours, but its there,” he said when he'd calmed down his laughing enough to speak.

“Oh,” I said. Cain took me by the arms and led me somewhere, I realised it was his bed.

“Sleep it off, I have to go away for a few hours anyway,” Cain said. A protest was on my lips but he easily pushed me onto the bed, his body half leaning over me as he did.

“Rest already. You've fought enough for one day,” he said with a grin. I frowned at his words but could already feel my eyelids dropping. It helped that his bed was so comfy. I saw his back as he left the room and turned out the lights, then I fell asleep.

The End

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