Chapter Five: Research.

We spent a few hours in the library. I looked at the books filled with family trees, but no name jumped out at me. Even reading about the history didn't help. I gave up with a sigh and slumped forward on the desk. Cain raised an eyebrow at the gesture. He was sat across from me reading a huge tome, probably also on history. We'd taken it in turns reading it out. Why he wanted to hear what might twigged my memory I couldn't guess.

“I'm not that boring am I?” he asked with a smile, it'd been his turn to read. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head.

“No, Just tired. And feeling like this is a pointless venture,” I answered honestly.

“There must be something you remember about your family,” he asked, leaning forward so our faces were closer. I considered telling him about the boy in the field but couldn't. Something about the memory was too valuable, I'd never told anyone about it. Why should I change that now for a vampire?

“All I remember is violence,” I replied. I'd known since I'd been found by the rebels and seen my first vampire attack that my family had most likely been killed by them. A point he clearly got by my tone.

“I'm sorry, that must be unpleasant,” he said, looking at the floor, his expression contemplative.

“Why did you want to know my name?” I asked and he laughed.

“I think knowing each others name is only appropriate,” he replied.

“I found out your name from Helen,” I pointed out and he grinned.

“Was that a big surprise? Someone like me helping you?” he asked, the question surprised me. I wondered why he'd be interested in something like that but figured I'd give him my honest answer.

“Yes, it did,” I said. He nodded, not taking offence thankfully. We sat in silence as he continued to think and then he rested both his hands on the table, clasped together.

“You look a lot like someone I used to know,” he said, looking up from the table. His eyes looked vulnerable and so human. I stared back at him in silence, unsure of what to say.

“Oh, what happened to her?” I asked lamely, unable to help myself wanting to know. He glanced at the far-distance, seeing something in his mind, not the dusty bookshelves.

“She disappeared during the first revolt attacks. We presumed her dead,” he replied, his voice as distant as his eyes. His tone told me he'd been hoping that hadn't been the case.

“What was her name?” I asked, pulling him from his reverie.

“Lyra,” he replied, speaking her name softly like a prayer. The name meant nothing to me and I felt kind of bad. Then again, why would I know her? She was most likely another vampire. If we'd ever met in the past it would most likely confirm his fears of her being dead.

“I'm sorry,” I said, echoing his earlier words. He shrugged and stood up.

The End

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