Chapter Four Cont.Mature

“I'm trying to find the library, would you mind giving me to some directions?” I said, trying to remain civil. His expression told me that wasn't going to happen.

“Sure, in exchange for a little taste,” he said. I froze where I stood as he took a step closer. I subconsciously backed away and he paused.

“Are you turning down my offer human?” he asked, enjoying this moment way too much. I gulped, I couldn't let him. To get bitten in battle was one thing, but to willingly let it happen? No, never.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, keeping my face calm. Though my heart was beating crazily. Giving away my fear like a shining beacon. His smile grew at my reply.

“Johnson, she just got here-”  The woman began, her voice surprisingly sympathetic for a vampire. Johnson cut him off with a hand. She frowned at him but kept silent. Her eyes flicked to me, studying me.

“She needs to learn to follow the laws, Sooner the better,” Johnson said. He advanced and I prepared to run.

“Stop!” Cain barked, stopping Johnson mid-step. He turned, sending Cain a sheepish look.

“I was just letting her know that-”

“I know what you were doing Johnson. Now go, I'll take care of this,” Cain said, his anger evident in the tightness of his jaw. He looked like he wanted to argue before leaving with the woman, but not before he sent a look a mouthed the words 'next time'. The owmna just looked apologetic as she left. I glared after Johnson back before meeting Cain's gaze. He still looked pretty mad.

“What were you doing wondering off?” he asked with a sigh, his anger defusing quickly.

“I couldn't find Helen, so I figured I tried to find the library by myself. But I got a little lost,” I said, he laughed at the last part, rolling his eyes. The gesture was so human it threw me. Now that I could study him in proper light I could see he had dark hair that fell in straight line around his face and over his eyes. Which were a startling shade of deep blue.

“Did you really refuse him?” he asked, meeting me head-on.

“What do you think?” I asked, crossing my arms to further show my defiance. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“You must know the laws-” he began.

“I do,” I interrupted, my serious expression not moving. His jaw tightened at my words, I suspected he wanted to say a lot to me but he bit his tongue.

“You have to let people take if they want,” he said, his tone stern.

“It's my body, I think I'll decide weather someone can bite it,” I replied. My point infuriated him, but still he kept his voice calm.

“You have to, if you don't then this whole idea falls apart,” he said. I shrugged. I'd already said what I needed to say to defend my point.

“You'll end up back in a cell or worse,” he pushed.

“But I'm supposed to trust some vampire will bite me and not kill me?” I replied, anger spilling into my words. The memory of what he'd done the night before making my neck itch. He seemed thrown by the comment.

“I won't let Johnson near you,” he said. I appreciated the offer, but it wasn't enough and we both knew it.

“I'll take my chances with the cell,” I said. It'd be less weird than seeing other humans being robotic and just doing what was asked of them by these monsters. He growled in the back of his throat and I thought I could see a fang dipping his lower lip. How much was he restraining his anger?

“Do you trust me?” he asked, throwing me completely and I blinked a few times. I opened and closed my mouth, how could I answer that? I mean of course I didn't, he must know that.

“I trust you more than anyone else in this place,” I said, it was the only answer I could think of that wouldn't outright piss him off more.

“Fine, I'll talk to the councillors. You'll only have to feed me,” he said. I blinked at him, that choice was definitely not better. I'd already been bitten by him once and didn't intend it to happen again. But I also knew the councillors were against letting vampires have regular feeders. They feared it would lead to favouritism or even friendships between the two. So it would take a long time for Cain to push the idea through. Plenty of time for me to make a move hopefully.

“Is that better than the alternatives?” Cain asked, seeing the mix of emotions on my face. I hesitated, even just agreeing with a nod was difficult and took all my willpower to do.

“Good, let's get to the library already,” he said, turning to lead the way.

The End

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