Refusing an OfferMature

Chapter Four: Refusing an Offer

I was woken up by an alarm ringing through the corridor outside and looked around with bleary eyes. I hesitated and opened the door, people were in motion, heading to the bathrooms to get ready. Some were already dressed and washed and were doing chores. This is what the humans did in their world. Was I expected to as well while I was here? Helen saw me peeking and motioned me to follow her.

“Get washed and dressed, Cain wants to meet you in the library in half hour, he might be late though, stuck in meeting after meeting,” she joked. I nodded mutedly and met the gazes sent me way. Most were curious, but one women glared at me. I met it and turned away, I washed quickly. Conscious that there were stranger here with me as I did so. It was as I was dressing that black-haired hawk from earlier made her move. She pulled my bra strap and pinged it back. I bit back a curse and turned to face her. The fact that she used a childish means to get my attention meant she was a waste of my time.

“Can I help you?” I asked through gritted teeth. Everything in the room had frozen as the other women watched us through rising walls of steam. She contemplated my words.

“Nah, Just thought I'd say hi. Dirty rebel,” she added the last part after turning her back on me and I glared at her.

“You should face someone when you insult, otherwise your just a gutless person not worth my time,” I said. She shot me a dark look over her shoulder that made me shrug. After she left the room someone else came up to me and I prepared myself for more crap.

“Sorry about Penelope, she doesn't like new faces. She's just trying to make sure she's the one in charge,” she said, her face framed by a short bob of curly brown hair. Her skin was a dark coffee colour. She stuttered a little as she spoke which only endeared me to her.
“Thanks for the heads up. But surely Helen's in charge?” I asked, making her and a few others nearby laugh.

“Yeah, But Penelope would slap you if you said that to her face,” she replied.

“Just let her tried. I've killed vampire, a pissed off bitch is easy enough to deal with,” I replied with a grin. She gave a small laugh and paused, staring at me with obvious admiration.

“You've really managed to killed one?” she asked, this girl must've been around thriteen I decided.

“I killed two before I got caught,” I said with a shrug.

“Wow,” she whispered and opened her mouth to ask another question.

“Zara, it's unwise to ask these sorts of questions,” one of the women said, chasing the girls smile from her face.

“You're right,” the girl said and murmured an apology, changing and leaving quickly. I stared after her, sorry for what she faced here. On some level she wanted to see the world outside these walls, I couldn't blame her for it. The walls were starting to make me feel claustrophobic.

I searched for Helen when I was sorted, needing direction to the library but I couldn't find her. I didn't like the idea of wandering around a castle full of vampires alone. But I didn't want to risk Cain being mad when I didn't turn up.

To say the castle was a labyrinth was something of an understatement I decided, as I found myself facing the same painting I'd passed a few minutes ago. I heard footsteps behind me and panicked, I didn't want to run into any vampires. So far I'd managed to avoid it. One man and a woman rounded the corner, the woman was a stranger to me but the man wasn't.

“Why hello there,” he said with an overly friendly smile. His friend looked up and glanced at me, confusion evident in his features.

The End

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