Chapter Two cont.Mature

“I'm sure there's a reason you can find. But I'd suggest not dying as one of them,” he said, I didn't share his humour in the comment. If I wanted to follow through with this I would need a reason, just accepting would appear odd.

“Is there anyone who just went missing? I'm sure we have the resources to find out what happened for you,” he suggested. It was a good suggestion. One that struck a chord. I had no childhood memories, save a few precious ones, most of which were unpleasant. I never knew my parents or if I had any siblings.

“My family,” I replied abruptly, not wanting to give him more information than necessary. My answer surprised him, I couldn't figure out why. His kind killed enough of mine everyday.

“We have information on all family-trees in our library, both for vampires and humans,” he said. Though I was sure there were more gaps in the human ones. The dead kind, and based on his expression he was skeptical I'd actually find anything.

“We keep records of most things, if anything significant happened to them we can find out,” he continued and I laughed.

“I need to know who they actually were first,” I said. Why did I tell him that? I was a pointless piece of information, not to mention far too comfortable. He nodded, not asking anymore questions.

“Follow me, I'll show you where you can wash and get someone to give you fresh clothes and a room,” He said, leaving the room. When I didn't move straight away he paused, sending me cursory glance. I hesitated and bit down the urge to gulp and left the cell. The glare of the artificial lights burned my eyes after so long in the darkness. I passed similar cells and could hear the breathing of fellow humans in them, were they also captured rebels? I prayed their deaths were fast and followed him up a set of cobbled stairs. The corridor we reached was much more modern, with thick carpets and radiators sending warmth into the air. Odd that vampires would use such a thing. Then again, they had to have human servants and feeders in the castle. I shivered at the thought of feeders. Every human was one basically, but some were chosen for the role alone. One of their more twisted laws was that a human couldn't decline any offer of being bitten, like it was some big honour we should appreciate.

“This way,” he gestured, the room he opened the door to was a big communal bathroom of some sort. He must've led me to the wing where humans stayed. I suppose logically where else would I stay?

“I'll get a lady called Helen to assist you, just ask her if you have any questions.” With that he turned, the door closing with a soft click. Like that I'd been left alone. I quickly studied the room and raced to the windows. My excitement was once again short-lived. I was really starting to hate the sight of bars.

The End

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