Chapter Two: Prisoner

I'd wiped at my eyes and felt my neck, it came away with a sticky liquid that I knew was blood. I shuddered at the memory, in all my years of fighting these guys I'd never been caught. But most importantly, I'd never been bitten. I curled into a ball in the corner of the room and fought the desire to cry. Things weren't hopeless, if nothing I could find a way to off myself. That way they'll never be able to beat information from me. I heard voices and footsteps and listened carefully, my left ear still deaf and useless.

“I was told she was reluctant, why bother capturing one like that? She will not be a simple torture case.” I heard someone say, it was an older voice, and pinched with bitterness. He didn't like whoever he was talking to much.

“Who said torture was my plan?” A second voice replied. I felt fire spike my veins as he spoke. I knew it was the guy who attacked me instantly.

“If it isn't, then what was the point of keeping her alive?” his unfriendly companion asked, disapproval clear in his tone.

“She'll talk, but only if she trusts us. If we treat her like an equal and give her a second chance she can teach us a lot. Like how they think and plan,” he explained. Like hell I'd ever trust the bastards.

“A bit far fetched, and a waste of resources if she gets away,” the old man said, the gravel in his voice growing deeper. This was someone who hated change and new ideas.

“We get an ex-thief to help us stop robbers, why can't the logic work with the rebels?” he pointed out. The old man didn't reply. A few moment later a key was turned with a rusty sound. The door itself creaked loudly as it opened. I stood up and moved to the corner furthest from the doorway. Blinking as light assaulted my eyes. My attacker stood before me, studying me with an unreadable expression.

“Do you need me for anything else, Lord?” the old man asked, it felt like he added the last part as an after thought.

“No,” he replied, an answer the old man was grateful for. He gave me a disgusted look and left quickly. His footsteps reaching stairs quickly. The lord told me as much as the sir. Maybe going along with his plan could be helpful. If he mattered and I got close enough to hurt or kill him, it could be a big turning point for the battle.

“What do you want?” I asked, spitting the words out.

“What's your name?” he asked, taking me by surprise, I felt my wariness go up a notch. Never trust the good cop.

“Nicole,” I answered simply. I saw disappointment cross his features and wondered why.

“Why did you join the rebels?” he asked.

“Because vampires need to piss off,” I replied, I didn't intend to make this an easy conversation for him. He seemed to find my answer amusing and shook his head a little, like an adult at a child.

“Well, I'm offering you a second chance. You'll have to remain within the castle walls and obey the laws though,” he said. I narrowed my eyes at 'laws'. The laws were to benefit the vampires, never the humans.

“And why would I take up your offer?” I replied icily, crossing my arms. I realised it was the first time since he'd walked in here that I'd lowered my hand from my neck. He saw it too and glanced away, almost as if he didn't want to see it. Most vampires were proud to see the wounds they had inflicted on enemies. I knew I was suppressing a grin seeing the scar on his left cheek.

The End

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