Chapter 1ishMature

Hunter was strolling through his robust garden of peach trees and rose bushes and other stuff that may or may not be found in a garden, when he realized he was being watched! By himself, he had a mirror and he was looking into it. He had momentarily been dazzled by his own ridiculous beauty. The flowers and crap that were supposed to look pretty, all looked hideous and stupid by comparison. Hunter was wearing like a suit or something. It looked pretty good I guess. He continued to stroll whilst looking at his striking visage. He had the whole of the garden memorized so he didn't need to watch where he was walking. Hunter wasn't incredible vain or anything, he was just the most interesting thing here to look at. Most interesting thing for hundred of thousands of miles for all you know. I might know of something way cooler to tell you about but maybe I am afraid of completely blowing you mind so instead I hold on to the nugget of amazingness for your sake. You didn't think of that did you? Thought I was just being an asshole for not telling you about the dog five blocks over that had learned how to fly or the ferret that was being a ferret two counties over. I am just trying to protect you from the harsh truths of this world. Just trust me okay? Live, love, laugh and believe every single word I ever tell you. You can trust me. I would never hurt your stupid feelings. Plus if I ever said anything like really mean it would probably go way over your head, like a naughty joke in a looney toons show. So lets go look at something a little more interesting than that god like man we were just looking at. Lets look at another god like man. Several hundred miles away, at this very moment, give or take several moments, Nathan is climbing a water fall. Not like climbing the rocks near a waterfall, or climbing up a mountain that is near a waterfall but climbing the water. Much as a swimmer would swim in a pool, Nathan is using his prodigious strength to breast stroke up falling water. Crazy right? He is something else.

The End

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