Hunter and Nathan: an Erotic FictionMature

This is the incredibly erotic and super serious romance between the amazing and super manly Nathan and his less manly but still pretty neat counterpart, Hunter.

A quick explanation.

This is a work that is painstakingly bad and just really wrong in as many ways as possible. In a way it is a parody of large number of different things but mostly it is being written to make my roommate, Hunter, uncomfortable. I was very bored at work one day, I bounce at a bar, so I whipped out my phone and began texting another guy that works with me. That is right, the first draft of this story was written out through text messages. That was how it was born, that and heavy inspiration from a throw away joke from cracked. In a youtube video, Soren Bowie, one of their writers jokingly made a very bad romance novel. I sort of started there and ran with it. Expect everything terrible from this piece. Without further-a-do, here it is.

The End

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