“Hunter! They’re home Hunter, they’re home!- HUNTER, WILL YOU WAKE UP!"

I flashed my eyes open; Jonas was stood at the door- his big brown eyes bright with excitement. I jumped up, grabbing my jeans. “Jeeze Hunter, you know you really should wear something when you’re sleeping, what if I’d been some girl? I’m sure the last thing I’d wanna see is-”

“Wait, so you’re telling me all these years I’ve known you Twiglet, you’ve actually been a guy?” He looked up at me, frowning.

“You know I hate it when you call me that…”

“I know.” I grinned, ruffling his sandy blonde hair, before running off ahead of him to reach the others. They were home.

The entire tribe had showed up to await the warriors return, but no one was celebrating. Around me every one stood still, silent. I pushed through the crowds, before reaching the front. Twelve men stood before me, of the hundred and fifty that had left; only twelve had returned.

“The others?” I asked searching their faces for my fathers, only to receive eyes filled with sorrow or pity “No…” I whispered. My jaw clenched, no, no, no…

 I breathed in through my nose, my eyes filling with water. I turned my back on the survivors and walked back through the crowds, they cleared out of the way, making sure I was not touched.

“Hunter…” I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath. I looked back; Jonas was stood there, his face streaming with tears. He wiped at his eyes with his grubby hands, I couldn’t leave him, not now, not when he needed me most. Sighing, I walked towards him, lifted him into my arms and carried him away from this mess.

The End

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