But...Would...Is it wrong?Mature

I feel her so close to me, seeping the heat from my skin. Thoughts race through my head. Would it be wrong? If so, do the authorities need to know? What would happen? What if we fall in love? 

She whispers,"You know you want me..." My heart races. Just looking at that body can be enough, but doing it? "Just say yes." She say.

Should I? I mean it would be great if I did, but the consequences. The punishments. She starts feeling my chest up and I lose it. I kiss her right on the lips. Even though I have kissed others girls before, none of them felt like this. As we fell back on the bed as we kiss, everything goes black. I become mesmerized in this simple touch and when we hit the bed in what felt like ten minutes of falling she giggle.

"I thought you would do that." She smiles a big grin and kisses my lips again. Her lips were soft. Also, cold, but I liked that. It was erotic and almost seemed natural to my lips. 

The End

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