What do I do now?Mature

"So you are here to kill me too. This shall be fun." I say. I undo my jacket and toss it to the side to show my skin tight shirt showing my muscles and abs. I crack my knuckles and neck and stare you her. "Are you ready for this?"

She looks at me. "Are you kidding me?" She stands up. "Look at me!" She motions her hands down her body showing her curves even more.

I look away, shy of her hot body. "Yes, but what are we going to do?" I say as I raise my crossbow and aim at her. "I'm not just going to let you go." I say quietly.

She looks at me. "Oh, not going to look are you?" She quickly kicks the crossbow out of my hand. "Why not?" She starts to get close to me and I can feel her cold skin. It feels different. She lifts her leg up, in a flirting manner, then jams it in my gut. I double over and pull out one of my swords and try to stab her foot but shes across the small room already.

"See you have a weapon. But once I get going, it wont work." I say as I start to charge at her. She then runs at me and grabs my neck making me drop the sword as she slams me against the opposite wall.  I look at her and she bears her fangs. I throw up my leg and jab her in the ribs making her stagger backwards. I draw the other sword in a blink a of an eye and swipe. She jumps back thinking I missed, when her bra falls off.

"You little pervert!" She yells. I look away but sneak a peek. I am a guy after all. She storms up to me, knocks the sword out of my hand and slaps me. "Your not a gentleman are you!"

The End

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