Seriously? This is a new kind. And not that bad lookingMature

I watch in disbelieve as the garlic powder doesn't work. Then she STRIPS! I stare at her. Even though she is suppose to be stunned right now, I must say. I'm stunned by her hot body.

A police officer calls to us. "Hey! Oi, what do you think you're doin'?"  That makes me start thinking. Why didn't the garlic work? The holy water wasn't a surprise. It was a joke. But the garlic should have stunned her. This must mean she's an older vampire. Not the younger ones I have to deal with every day.

She glamors the  police officer and runs towards me and says, "Come." I follow but release her grip. I keep a step behind her so in case she turns toward me, I have more room to move. We go by a motel and you grab a towel from the pool and get in front of a room. She gets ready to kick the door in when I hold up my hand.

"Let me. Less noise." I get on my knee with the crossbow  pointing at her and easy access. I lock pick the lock and open the door. I step aside and wave her in. "After you." I follow her in and shut the door and lock it.

The End

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