I won't kill, what I don't need to.Mature

 I get ready to start my bike, when one of the officers yells for me. "You, Sir! I have a question for you."

I get off of my bike and look at him. "Yes, what is it?" I say politely.

"May you please get on your knees and put your hands behind your head?"

I sigh and look at him. I nod and follow his instructions. I can't get arrested. I need to kill them, or talk my way out of the situation. "May I ask what I have done, officer?"

"Well as you were walking out, I saw your swords on your back. They were very well hidden. Then I thought to myself. 'You don't need swords when you hunt.' And that leads me to come out here." He walks over to me cautiously with his hand on his gun as the other officer stand at the ready. The officer gets closer and I notice his name tag. It said Lt. Braggs. When he was around me, he took my right hand with one hand and his cuffs out with the other.

I think I won't be able to talk out of this. Plan B. "Lutenit Braggs, do you have a wife?"

He continues to move my hands behind my back. He nods. "Yes, but I would like it if you remained quiet."

I nod my head and with that nod, I do a back flip, ripping my pants a little, and land on top of Lt. Braggs. He wasn't done with the cuffs so I had my hands free. With that I drew my sword and held it against Lt. Braggs' neck. The other officer is stunned for a few seconds, then he draws his gun.

"I would drop your gun if you want him to live. And don't even think about calling for back up." I shout at them.

He gently places his pistol on the ground a step back. I take my other hand and draw my crossbow and skillfully shoot one bolt at the pistol to spin it it around. It stops, pointing straight at his feet.

I shoot another bolt and it fires,making him fall to the ground in pain. I quickly, slam my elbow down on the back of Lt. Braggs' neck to knock him out and I run faster than any human to my motorcycle and speed off. I'm out of town by the time back up does arrive.

The End

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