Is There a Problem Officer?Mature

As I ride my way to Las Vegas, I stop by a gas station to fuel up on both my gas and food. I fill up my tank and go inside to find out that it was also a diner. I pay for my gas and I sit down and set my cross bow next to me. A waiter walks up, hands me a menu, sees my crossbow and starts to look nervous. I just smile and look at her.

She finally gets the courage and asks,"What can I get you kind sir?"

I almost laugh. "Sir?" I chuckle, "Yeah, I'll get the steak burger. Can I get that blue rare? With a side of sweet potato fries." I hand her the menu and smile.

"Right away." She smiles nervously and hurries away. I think nothing of it and look at the Specs of my mission again. I hear the bell on the door ring and I look up to see a couple of officers walk in. I nod at them and continue reading.

As they walk past smiling because of a joke one of them just told, they notice my automatic crossbow on the seat next to me. One nods at it and the other puts his hand on his gun, while the other steps in front of my table blocking my light. I look up and see its them.

"Is there a problem officer?" I ask calmly showing that I mean no harm.

The officer standing in front of me nods to my bow. "We noticed you have that. May we ask why?"

I look over at the bow and chuckle. "Oh I'm so sorry officer. I didn't mean any harm from it. See I have that bike thats out there and I didn't want this to get stolen, so I figured I would just keep it on the seat next to me as I eat, pay, and leave."

The other officer nods then asks, "Well, why do you have it with you in the first place?"

"Well, I'm going hunting. I'm hunting for coyotes, and they are pretty fast and stealthy so I don't want to scare them off if I miss when I use a gun and I don't want to have them run away as I'm reloading the bolt."

The police officer nods. "Would you mind if we held onto it while you ate, just as a precaution?"

I pick it up and hand it to them. "Not a problem, officer. As long as I get it back when I'm ready to leave. " The officer in front of me takes it from my hands and steps back right as my food comes and the waiter sets it in front of me. "If you will excuse me gentlemen, I am quite hungry." I nod to them and take a bite of my juicy red burger. They kindly leave me be as I finish my food.

As soon as I finish, I pay for my food, give my compliments to the chef and walk up to the officers. They look me over as I smile at them and they hand me my crossbow back. "Thank you kindly. I will be off now." At that I walk out the door and I drive towards my destination.

The End

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