This is nothing newMature

I wake up and look around the room. It's a normal hotel room. I almost live in these rooms. I pick up the phone and dial up room service.

"Hello, how may I help you sir?" the operator says in a melancholy tone.

"Yes, can I have the pancake breakfast with a side of a raw slab of steak." It was my normal breakfast. The raw steak was for the bloody taste.

"No problem, sir. It'll be right up. " I smile and hang up the phone. No one here knew what I was. Hardly anyone knew that I was a dhampir.

As I waited i went over the specifications of the mission I was on. Her name was  Siobhan. She was a vampire. She was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year of 158 B.C.E. She has killed many dhampirs  and needs to be stopped. I was the man for the job because I was the only one that had the right skills.

When my  breakfast got there, I quickly ate and gathered my things. This consisted of my two silver swards and a crossbow with silver bolts. I checked the hilts of my swords to make sure the revolvers attached to them were fully loaded before I put them on my back with my crossbow slung across them.   I also had a various of grenades and sprays that would harm or paralyze the vampires.  When I was all packed up, I head out. I get on my motorcycle and speeds off towards Nevada, where she was last seen.

The End

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