Hunted for a GameMature

His name was Lance Abel Dracofire. He was given a herd of cattle, a nice suit, and food for weeks. But this was to be given to him after he killed her. Her name was Siobhan Isabelle Cathain. She was given blood slaves for a whole year. But this was after she killed him.

"Here are your orders. Do you accept?"

"I do."


I walk down the halls of the underground fallout shelter, built sometime during World War II, taken over by a league of vampires in charge of taking killing off dhampirs. Dhampirs are half vampire, half human creatures that have a tendency to become vampire hunters.

I'm one of the most revered assassins.

"Lady Siobhan, a moment." A tall, gaunt vampire, in flowing robes of emerald green satin, calls for me as I pass.

"Yes, Aeron?" I ask, slightly inpatient. I've been low on slaves lately, and I could use some fresh blood. That was my reward.

"Be cautious. I hear that you've gotten a master-level bounty." No wonder my reward was so commendable.

"I'll be alright, Aeron. Thank you." I hand him my own blood red robes to him before I turn and exit through a door that leads to the upper level of the bunker.

I wave at the guard.

"I have a mission." I say, pointing to my contract. He nods and opens up the large steel door.

I step outside into the cool moonlit night, my long auburn hair flutters in the soft breeze. My Bright blue eyes see every detail to perfection as I observe my surroundings. My slightly pointed ears twitch as I listen for a creature to feed on

We are far enough away from town to not be caught here in Southern California, but close enough that we can easily lure people here unknowingly to their doom.

I start out at a run, the fact that I'm wearing a black leather mini-skirt, high heels and a shimmery purple mid-riff tank top, completely not a concern. I reach the city, and my dinner along with it.

The End

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