Hunted - EpilogueMature

Epilogue – Rachel

Its been two weeks and you still can't remember how you did it?” I ask, glancing over at Seth. His only response was a shake of the head. I let out a sigh. I guess it makes sense. He could alter his appearance to look more human. How crazy would it be for that power to extend to the extent he could create wings. They were still there. As colourful and powerful as an eagles. I didn't try to fight the urge to run my hand through the feathers. Seth shivered slightly and turned to face me.

Does it matter? So long as we both alive” He said, and we that was the bigger mystery. Because he was alive. Or as alive as a zombie could be. He had a heartbeat again, it was slower than mine, but it was real. We'd checked and double checked it's presence. It wasn't going anywhere. If I didn't know any better I'd call it magic. Except science had caused all of this to begin with. I moved my gaze to the ocean, we'd managed to find a small boat, we didn't have any real plan. We just knew we had to get away. No one would understand if we had stayed. Too many questions, I didn't want Seth to become some guinea pig.

I hope the others are okay” I murmur, in reply Seth's arms encircle me.

I don't care, long as we're both safe” Seth said

What about Becky?” I asked

Dan was dead, the others would've taken care of Lucinda and rescued Becky” He sounded so sure, I guess he did trust them all afterall, even Eddie.

What happens now?” I asked, leaning into his warm chest, breathing his smell.

Was there anywhere you wanted to go before everything went to hell?” he asked, I thought hard for a few seconds.

I always wanted to see Russia” I admitted.


I stared at the ceiling of the damp smelling concrete room when the sounds of alarm reached my ears. I pulled myself out the bed, fighting the waves of dizziness and walked to the doors. I couldn't decide if I should be happy or worried by the sight I find. Organized militant men and women were rounding people up. So what was left of the government was finally pulling together. A smile and hope tugged until a gunshot rang out. And one of the smart zombies slumped to the ground.

I no longer felt a mix of betrayal, sadness and anger towards my brother for disappearing. Just worry for his safety.

End...for now

The End

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