Hunted - Chapter Twenty-SixMature

Chapter Twenty-Six – Rachel

You were really going to kill me?” He asked, Rachel felt her grip on the gun loosen in her sweaty hands. Dan shook his head, letting out a small tut sound.

I was going to give you a chance to actually escape, but not now” he continued, a dark, scary light behind his eyes.


Something bad happening...their taking too long” Mary murmured, her body fidgeting as a result of her impatience.

They might need more help” Case whispered from her hiding place. I glanced up to see her and Chris in the nearby tree. Chris threw himself down to the floor without a second thought.

Oh, hell no! Too many people have already gone in and not come out. We wait” I yelled. Chris' back stopped and he glanced at me with stormy grey eyes but after boiling it over in his head decided to return to the tree. I let out a sign of relief and looked through the scope again. What I saw really wasn't good.

I muttered choice swear words under my breath before aiming and pressing the trigger. Another set of words left my lips when I missed.


The clink of metal on metal surprised both of us. The bullet rolled along the floor harmlessly and I heard Dan growl under his breath.

So your other friend are out there”. Small shards of glass littered the floor nearby, a tiny hole that was somehow made in what I assume to be a window reinforced with, well everything. It had a weak point now.

Dan, I think you should calm down a little” I said, trying not to give myself away as I edged closer to the window.

Hmph, I am calm. Perfectly so. I'll be even better when I'm finished with you” He reached out to grab me and I knew this would be my only shot. I ducked and grabbed his wrist with one hand and spun, bringing his arm over my shoulder, a startled sound leaving his lips. I was going to do this, but even I knew my strength wasn't brilliant. I used all my effort to pull him over. There was a loud thud as his body met the glass. I jumped back quickly to see him stand up. A lot angrier than before.

But one glance behind him told me the crack had grown. I just needed more force.

This is going to be the best Christmas present ever” he said. Christmas, wow that was soon wasn't it. Well, the world has changed. The best Christmas present now was staying alive. I planned on receiving it. I waited till he took another step forward and raised my leg as high as I could. Putting all my force and effort into it. There was another thud. And this time the crack was audible. Dan growled at me, but he was completely oblivious to the window. I needed more force still, this was taking too long. I knew it was possible suicidal.

I ran at him, he gave me a bemused look, like a teacher laughing at a stupid child.

Enjoy the ride down” I murmured. Launching myself against him. The window hesitated for a moment, then we were falling. Glass surrounding us as we went. The concrete waiting below.

I was going to die, but at least so would Dan. I glanced back at the open window and noticed lazy trendils of smoke. But I couldn't worry about that, not anymore I guess.


Coughed racked my body as the smoke surrounded me, I felt my eyes water from the acidic air. I tried to take in my surrounding but the smoke made it near impossible.

Seth, you really are the biggest of fools. And now I have to kill you. Such a waste really” I looked around, trying to find Lucinda. But it was near impossible to see anything through the deathly black fog. I felt a sharp wave of pain from my arm. And saw white hair flutter by my face. Lucinda was going to cut me to shreds bit by bit like this. I needed to more advantage. I ignored the sounds of her calculated footsteps and barrelled through the smoke. The sound of glass breaking reached my ears and I ran for it. A broken window would draw the worst of the smoke outside.

I found it and looked over the edge. Glad to finally see, though my eyes were blurry. I breathed in the fresher air before I realised what had caused the window to break.

The End

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