Hunted - Chapter Twenty-ThreeMature

Chapter Twenty-Three – Becky

Zombies could climb, they were slow at it and fell off a few times, but they could climb. One of the mindless zombies in particular was good at it, he was also blocking me from climbing further on to the house. I waited impatiently for one of them to slip and fall and used the opening to race off this frame and onto another one. I didn't hesitate and began to crawl towards where the street was. They were closer now though, this frame wasn't as difficult to climb. I approached a tunnel and began to crawl in when I felt something grab my foot, I let out a yelp and kicked. Hard. The zombie let go and I scurried further along. This time heading towards a complicated frame. For once I was grateful that as a child I'd been obsessed with climbing trees.

I reached the other end of the park and now I just had to sprint the last few metres to the street. But before I reached the pavement a foot swung out and tripped me over.

Tut, tut, tut, little girl. I like to get to know any newbies that travel with Seth, so please, dear indulge me.” A women with pale white hair said, a crazy light hiding behind her eyes as she spoke. I gulped as I stood up, taking a step back I bumped into something. I turned to see almost pitch black eyes staring at mine. He was tall and lanky and he seemed to have a scar on his forehead that looked recent. I stared past him to see the zombies. They were standing still.


I felt mean seeing them all behind the mental bars. Case had hugged him tightly to her before letting him go in. I just stood there awkwardly before Seth went in. What could I do? He'd found someone else. And I could tell by the way Richard looked at me that he wanted me. But I recognised the kind of guy Richard was. It wasn't what I was looking for. He was nice and everything. But, just not my type.

The only ones missing are Lucinda and Daniel” Richard murmured. I froze, as did the others. With a tense voice I grabbed the list from Richard.

Does Daniel have an ability?” I asked, trying to push down the panic.

Yes, it's a very mild one though. I believe he used it during your confrontation with Lucinda when you first arrived” He said, “Why do you ask?”

Just tell me what it is” I said. Richard raised an eyebrow at me but spoke.

He can manipulate feelings, both emotional and physical, he calmed you all down after everything, Now can you please tell me why you ask?” Richard gave me a hard look.

I told you Lucinda has nothing to do with it” Seth said with a growl.

Or” I said, really hoping my words weren’t true, “The two have teamed up”

Wait...I thought you shot him I the head” Case said. Oh yeah...I did. Me and Seth exchanged a confused look.

Maybe there’s a third zombie who can heal and revive others?” I asked, then shaked my head, “Nah, that's a little too out there” I thought aloud.

Maybe you just missed his brain by a tiny measurement?” Seth said, a much more logical assumption. If there’s a such a thing as logic in a zombie apocalypse where some zombies can think and talk

Wrong and wrong” I felt a chill go down my spine at the sound of his voice.

Let me out right now Richard, there's a bastard I need to kill.” Seth growled. Dan laughed and concentrated on Seth's form, causing him to collapse to the floor gripping his stomach.

Remember what I can do before you insult me” Dan said with a grin. Seth seethed and muttered darkly under his breath but didn't say more.

Why are yo here Dan? And answer quickly before I steal Richard gun and make sure the bullet hits it's target” I said, barely containing my rage.

Nothing much, me and Lucinda just thought you might want to know we have a human prisoner, a little one, called Becky, I believe she's-”

You touch her and I’ll rip your throat out!” Seth roared, shaking the bars slightly as he gripped them.

-Seth's sister, thanks for the confirmation” Dan continued calmly. I hesitated, but I knew we had to help Becky.

What do you want in return for her being let go?” I said with a small sigh. Dan's grin grew, I knew I was going to hate this.

Lucinda wants Seth, And I want you. You have no idea how much I want to eat you after what you put me through.” Dan replied, I had to force myself not to shiver.

Hell no! You won't hurt Rachel” Seth said, his hands still gripping the steel like his life depended on it. Dan ignored him.

Midnight, the old recruitment dorm near the entrance” Dan said.

That area is full of people-” Richard was interrupted by his radio buzzing to life, it was hard to make out with the static, but it soon cleared itself up. We heard screaming, non-stop screaming, then a rushed, scared male voice spoke into the radio.

They came out of nowhere! There are hundreds of them, all mindless. We need help, we're too outnumbered, they-”

He was cut off by a loud crunch sound and the radio went dead silent.

Full of dead people” Dan replied to Richard unfinished sentence, “See you at midnight dear” Dan said, the evil grin plastered on his face as he left the jail building.

The End

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