Hunted - Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

Chapter Twenty-two – Eddie

We heard a scream outside and everyone ran to see what was going on.

He's hurt!” A women's voice yelled on the other side of the crowd. I yelled back I was doctor and was let through. I didn't need to check his pulse to know he was dead. I also didn't need to state this was a zombie kill.

What's the protocol for something like this? There are smart zombies around here, do we interrogate each one?” I asked. More people were arriving, including people from the disco. I notice Lucinda whisper something in Seth ear then leave.

This has never happened before...” Richard said

So what do we do?” I asked, Richard hesitated.

Round up all the smart zombies, we'll have to lock them in the cells overnight. If you have no reason to feel guilty, then you have no reason to hide” Richard finished. Everyone looked around mutely.

That was an order, get moving people!” Richard yelled, flurries of movement soon left them in a small circle.

Sorry about this Seth but-” Richard began

I understand it” Seth interrupted, the he turned to Rachel, “Rachel, you should go find Chris” Rachel nodded and headed towards the houses.

Talk about a first day” Mary murmured, I had to agree.

Seth....where did Lucinda go?” I asked, Seth scowled at me.

She didn't do this, she's been with me the whole time” Seth said

Okay....then where is she?” I said

She had to go get something from her house she said” Then Seth left with a big, burly guy. I tried not to feel bad that Seth would be stuck in a cell.

Richard...where does Lucinda live?” I asked

Why are you assuming its her?” Richard replied

Because she's an insane ex-murderer, you got a better candidate” I said, that shocked Richard.

Lucinda told me she had been involved in a few minor burglary's...” Richard said

She's done that too” I said with a shrug.

Oh shit” Richard muttered. Oh shit indeed.


I sat at the foot of the climbing frame, this park was interesting, everything was connecting and the park itself stretched across the field from one set of housing to another. I'd already exhausted playing on everything, but it's hard to have fun when your the only one playing a game. Besides, I'm eleven, surely I'm too old for games – would explain why I grew bored quickly. I heard a low moan behind me and turned to see where it came from. Its source was a zombie, a mindless thankfully. But how did it get in here? I thought this place was supposed to be safe. Then I squinted my eyes and realised it wasn't one, there were around eight of the things heading this way. Heading for me. I quickly and nimbly climbed up the nearest set of bars and hid at the highest point. Zombies couldn't climb....right?


I'd never been kissed so deeply by someone before. I had been nervous about this for months but I knew I wanted this. I wanted to go the whole way, and I wanted it to be with Chris. I could feel his hands everywhere and my own had somehow found their way under his shirt. I remember being embarrassed about discussing this moment with others at school. How we used to giggle and act childish. Looking back I've grown up so much. I'm no longer the girl who would blush at a guy looking at me. Admittedly I was blushing now, but who doesn't when their about to have their first time? The door banged open and Chris fell off the bed with a thud. His lips mouthing what I think was a curse word.

My, my, you two look cosy” Rachel commented with a small grin. Okay, now I was blushing like a schoolgirl again. Chris looked like he wanted to say something but his pad was on the other side of the room. We had been talking before he suddenly started kissing me. I think we should both make a point of learning sign language one day.

Is something wrong?” I asked, noticing how tense she looked.

No, nothing you should worry about...just, someone died” That couldn't be good I thought,

And?” I urged her on

And it was a zombie kill”

Crap” I muttered, Chris nodded in agreement with my choice of word. now all the smart zombies need to go to the cells, it's just until they figure out who did it, and we know Chris has been here the whole time” Rachel said. Chris didn't look happy, but he didn't look mad either which is good I guess.

But if they know he was here why does he have to go?” I asked, Rachel sighed

It's an idea me and Richard came up with. If one zombie ends up skipping the jail, then theres a good chance its because he or she did it. And lets be honest, we already know who it was” Rachel murmured darkly.

Ugh, Lucinda” I said, shivering. Chris' shoulders tensed at the word.

No one likes her” I glowered

Except Seth it seems” Rachel muttered, I raised an eyebrow at her

Do I detect a hint of jealousy?” I probed, Rachel's face turned bright red answering my question before she could speak.

No, no I am not jealous of Lucinda, I’m glad I’m nothing like her” she defended

Well duh! But you are jealous of the fact that she nabbed Seth?” I asked

Let's just go already” Rachel said, ignoring my question.

The End

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