Hunted - Chapter Twenty-OneMature

Chapter twenty-one – Rachel

What?” the word escaped my lips before I could stop it. I didn't wait to see what they would say in response. I just ran away hoping they couldn't tell there had been tears brimming in my eyes. I found my way to the three bedroom house we had been given. Mary and Eddie claimed one room. Becky and Case shared the second. Chris had been more than happy to take the sofa. I knew I was being petty as I walked into the third and found paper and pen to write “Do Not Disturb” and stick it on the door. I wouldn't of minded sharing the room with Seth. We'd fallen asleep in the same car within inch's of each other. A bed wasn't a big deal. But after I saw him kissing her of all people.

No, I didn't want him near me. In fact this is a good thing. Now I realise how silly I've been. He's a zombie, it would never have worked out. I remember Richard telling us there was a disco pretty much every night to keep people's spirits up. I opened the chest of drawers in my room and as luck would have it, this was a girls room and her cloths were my size, and not that bad a style. A bit more revealing than I'd normally go for. But hey – it's a zombie apocalypse. Why should I give a damn about modesty anymore.

Case! Mary! Want to go the disco thing” I yelled into the corridor when I finished changing. I heard immediate movement in Case's room.

Hell yes!” she yelled, poking her head round the door. Chris peeking round the edge with her. He looked somewhat flustered and - was his shirt inside-out?

Where's Becky?” I asked

She went to the park, apparently army barracks are pretty good at cantering for family needs” Case said with a shrug.

Hmmm, and good at providing you two with a double bed? Or does space not bother you?” I said with a raised eyebrow. Immediate red face from Chris, and Case looked down at the floor.

Well, looks like everyone's finally with someone they like” I murmured.

Mary had already left the house when I called. Apparently there was some café here and she and Eddie had decided it was time to go on an official date. It seemed like everyone was doing fine with romance but me. At this point I think I was ready to just have a one-night stand.

When we walked into the disco I noted that it was live music – well I guess it would have to be. And the clever use of ceiling and wall candles with cones gave the hall the impression of disco lighting. Not a bad effort I thought.

Hey, you came” Richard said as he moved towards me from the bar-area.

All alone?” he noted with a raised eyebrow.

Mary and Eddie are on a date, Becky's exploring the barracks and Case and Chris are learning more about human biology” I said with a laugh.

Wait, isn't Chris a-”

Yup, apparently it doesn't matter. If you haven't caught the virus from the air then you won't natural immunity and such. Of course you can still get it from a bite” I explained.

Wow, you guys did learn a lot” he commented as he scanned the half empty vinyl floor.

Would you like to dance?” Richard asked, holding out an arm. I hesitated, wondering how much he was over Kel. Then I remembered what I had thought about a one night stand.

Sure” I replied. It never occurred to me to wonder why he hadn't mentioned Seth


I pulled away from her when I thought I heard Rachel's voice. But when I turned around no one was there. Was I going crazy?

A kiss? Is that really all you want from me?” Lucinda murmured with a husky tone. It was weird seeing her in this new light. I think I saw it for a second when we first met but I pushed it away.

Right now I'm just glad you've changed” I replied, pulling her into a hug. I wouldn't think about her. Rachel had given me the odd glances and done nothing. I shouldn't feel guilty about this.

I know, let's go to that disco. I kind of want to show you off – you are a pretty awesome catch” Lucinda whispered the last part in my ear, causing a shiver to rush through my being.

I agreed and off we went. I ignored the part of me that was saying I shivered, not because of what was said, but because in my mind it had been Rachel's voice saying it.

I hope you do understand I mean it. I am good now” Lucinda said, glancing my way.

Of course I do” I said, pulling her into a short hug before we continued walking.

*(No One)*

Somewhere in the distance whilst everyone was separated, an alarm bell was ringing.

no one was there to notice it's small red light or tinkly noise....

Just like no one noticed the approaching horde, it appeared to have no leader.


Lucinda smiled smugly at me as she entered the room, Her arm firmly round Seth's.

The End

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