Hunted - Chapter TwentyMature

Part 4: Safety...Apparently....

Chapter Twenty – Chris

I watched the gates move closer and wondered if me and Seth were really going to be okay. What if they didn't care that we were good guys? But I had no way to voice my opinions, I'd run out of paper and I didn't have the energy to make a duplicate – I never did anymore it seems.

I wonder if Seth can still alter his form? By now I've realised this is the side-effect of eating animals, but I don't mind, I just need a new notepad.

Wow, didn't expect that” Eddie murmured as we reached the gate, a scary guy with no hair greeted us. The safe place was an army barracks. So the army hadn't completely broken apart like everyone had thought.

Richard?!” Rachel said from the car behind ours. I heard the sound of a car door opening and closing as Rachel walked up to the gate.

Do you remember me?” she asked the same instant recognition crossed the guy's face.

Yeah, I also remembering thinking you'd be a goner, guess I underestimated you” He said with a smile. Was it rude that a second ago I thought his scary face wasn't capable of smiling?

Is Kel here too?” Rachel said, making Richards face drop.

Uh, no, she...she didn't make it” He replied, looking at the ground. He breathed in a big sigh then looked up with a forced smile.

But that's in the past, who might this ragtag group be?” he asked light-heartedly. It didn't take Rachel long to introduce everyone and give a ruff description of everything we'd been though. Richard and her got on very well, and I couldn't help but wonder how Seth was reacting. Based on his strained smile, I'd say this bothered him slightly.

C'mon, I take to the main meeting hall so you can tell us what you know, then I'll give you the general tour and such” Richard said, leading the way after the cars were parked.

The meeting hall looked like it had once been some kind of training area. There must have been around two hundred people standing around, and around twenty zombies who stood apart. I started to wonder about how the majority of the alive people responded to the zombies when I had to do a double take.

You have got to be kidding me” Seth muttered, Lucinda left the zombies to float towards us.

Sethy, long time no see” she purred with a mischievous grin.

What the hell are you doing here?” Rachel hissed, making her laugh.

I know my first impression wasn't exactly great, but times have changed, as have I” she explained, using a way too sweet and sincere voice. Rachel got ready to respond when Seth rested a hand on her arm.

Look, I think you should give her a second you gave me?” Seth whispered.

Hell no, she was criminal before, she should be in a cell” Case said, glaring.

Heh, do you really think anyone is going to believe what some flat-chested thirteen year old has to say?” Lucinda said, dropping the sugary voice – thank god, it was creeping me out big time.

I'm sixteen you bitch, and you can hardly talk!” Case yelled, moving to hit her but Richard managed to restrain her first.

Calm down guys, this is neither the time or place for this confrontation, Please just tell everyone what you have discovered of the virus. One of the first rules when anyone came here was a clean slate. That includes Lucinda. Please don't make me have to give you lot a warning for harassment” Richard said, sobering everyone up. Lucinda let out a little sound of approval, raised a suggestive eyebrow to Seth then left the room.

Good riddance” Rachel muttered.

I sat by Case as she silently raged over what Luci had said about her. I wanted to tell her how wrong she was, that she was beautiful, but I still didn't have anything to write with. Eddie took the job of explaining the facts to everyone. Rachel and Mary nearby, in case he missed a detail I guess. I continued scanning the crowd, where did Seth go?


How did I know you would follow me?” She said, flicking her hair to the side to look at me, her white eyes could be bearing into my soul for all I know. If I still had one of those.

Did you mean what you said in there?” I asked, keeping my voice neutral. Luci studied me for a few seconds then took a deep sigh.

I'd like to make a joke at Case''s expense. But your in serious-mode so I doubt you'd find that as amusing as I would” She said. Her gaze flickered from the sky to the ground, to the plain grey walls of the buildings nearby. Then they eventually settled on mine.

I meant it. I've changed. At first I thought I had no other choice to be evil – so I was very evil. But by luck I heard the broadcast on a radio in the town hall. I'd never been more relieved”

Okay, that's all I needed to know, because I don;t want Rachel or the others anywhere near you if you are still dangerous” I said, not even hiding the cruel jab.

You really care about her” She said, then her eyes widened, “Oh, I see. You really, really care about her” Her mouth slightly open as a realization struck.

Your in love-”

No” I interrupted, “I care about her, but it's not like that”

Are you sure?” Luci asked

Yes” I replied curtly

So you won't mind if I do this” She said with a small grin.

What are you-” I didn't finish the sentence as I felt her step closer.

Lucinda, I can't-” I said, stepping away.

Why not? Even if you want Rachel, she doesn't want you” That stung I thought, knowing Luci was right. A strong breeze rushed past, sending her pale hair flying haphazardly. And by the time the wind and her hair had settled down we were kissing. I could be making a huge mistake. But as I felt her soft lips, I decided I didn't care. Not anymore

The End

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