Hunted - Chapter NineteenMature

Chapter Nineteen – Seth

I can hardly remember specific things I overheard” I said in response to Rachel

Well try, you remembered the random conversation about certain people being immune” She said, and she had a point.

But that came out of no where, you asks, I remembered” I explained, and I saw an idea hit Eddie.

So just ask him the right question?” Eddie said

Because that'll be so easy to do” I said, rolling my eyes. Knowing Rachel was thinking the exact same thing.

Let's just keep looking, something's bound to pop up” I said, knowing it would be hours, heck maybe days, before something useful turned up. I went back to the room I'd woken up in, hoping maybe we missed something, I had no idea if the others had noticed the two way mirror yet. I squinted my eyes, almost certain there was some kind of notepad in there, but I had yet to figure how to get in there. I could also see a camera propped up, it had been watching everything. Someone had known something was going to happen. Weather or not it was a zombie apocalypse they had been expecting was another issue. I once more did a walk around the hospital, trying hopelessly to locate the door to that little area but nothing. I knew for a wile I might have to do this.

Guys!” I yelled, knowing they were all within earshot in nearby offices. It didn't take them long to reach the room, all with questioning or hopeful looks. I didn't say anything, just grabbed a chair and destroyed the mirror. At first everyone was yelling, asking me what I was doing, until they noticed the little room they could now see.

Who's small enough to fit in there?” I asked.


Give me a lift” I said, prodding my brother in the back. He didn't seem to like the idea of letting me go in there but helped me in none the less.

Be careful of the glass” he said, I murmured an acknowledgement as I took in the small room. It was full of dead technical equipment and used tapes – shame we had no way to watch what was on them.

There should be a notepad” Seth yelled just as my eyes laid on it. I picked it and scanned the notes. It was observations of how his body reacted to something called miracelpton, that was properly something Eddie would know about being a doctor.

Here” I passed to Eddie once Seth helped me out, “Know what it is?” I asked, pointing to the word. And a lot of things crossed Eddie's face.

Yes, it was a new drug that had been discussed. It was extremely experiential and some of the things in it had unknown side-effects. And the viral component wasn't a very reliable one. For that reason very few hospitals agreed to trial it. This must have been one of the few” he said, running a hand over his tired face.

Chris, did you ever get told about a new drug when you were in hospital?” Eddie asked. Chris nodded.

Damnit, we need to know which hospitals had these trials, this drug was supposed to be a big miracle cure for anyone suffering with any sort of mental issue, mental or physical” Eddie said.

So how did the mindless zombies appear? I mean I guess the drug cured the brain and made it so Seth and Chris could think and function normally, but the others?” Rachel said, surprising Eddie.

Good deduction on the drug curing the for the other zombies, I already said the viral component wasn't very reliable, my guess is it somehow broke free and became contagious. The nurses and doctors tending to those on trial picked it up and then their friends and family caught it and it just spread” Eddie explained.

So....Just how many hospitals agreed to do this trial?” Case asked and Eddie's face really dropped.

I don't know an exact number, but I know it was all over the world....there is no safe place Case” Eddie said, answering her unasked question. Talk about bringing down the mood I thought.


Well, I thought as we piled into the car, we got the answers. But I don't think it was the ones we really wanted. After the cars were packed Eddie got the new, better radio ready.

So glad we thought to steal batteries from that shop on the way back” Mary muttered.

We all waited patiently by that radio, like our lives depended on it.

Seth” Rachel said, looking at me.

Yeah?” I asked, returning her look, though I couldn't read her expression.

I...nevermind, don't worry about it” She said, turning away from me. What the? What was she going to say? Damn, this was going to be bugging me for days now. Then we heard something over the radio:

Hello to whoever is listening, we are a large group of survivors. We're not sure how much you have learned by now of the undead, but we have discovered a few who can talk and think and in some cases, have odd abilities. We have encountered some like this who have tried to hurt us, and others who want to help us. They have discovered the alternative of eating animals. We are in a secure facility and if you can, get to these co-ordinates...

Eddie noted down the co-ordinates. I think we all breathed out a held-in breath. Glad they know about the alternative of animals and that not all smart zombies are bad.

Let's go” Eddie said. We were finally finding a safe place – well the safest we would find I guess – and we can explain to everyone there exactly what happened to the world.

The End

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