Hunted - Chapter EighteenMature

Chapter Eighteen – Rachel

Finding the radio was easy. It was uncovering what happened that was proving to be the hard part.

Where do we start?” I asked when everyone was fully awake

I guess my patient chart is a good place to begin, though good luck understanding what any of it says” Seth said with a shrug. So with a scarily good memory I lead everyone to Seth's room. Never thought I'd be here again. I picked up the folder that had been thrown on the floor, angrily possibly. I sent Seth a questioning look.

I said, you can't understand half of it, well at least, when you have no memory you can't” He defended. He had a point, I only understood half of what this said,

Let me see” Eddie said, holding a hand out. I raised an eyebrow at him but handed it over without question.

Let's see, Oxygen Deprivation with Traumatic Brain Injury....GCS, all one's....You had no idea what was going on when you were in a coma?” Eddie asked, as if checking for something. Seth tried to remember and then his eyes grew wide for a few seconds.

Yeah, I can remember bits of voices around me and I was always aware of how close they were or weren’t to me – which was kind of weird. I was also aware of all the needles in me, kind of hurt at time” Eddie considered his words carefully. Grabbed a pen from his jeans and added something to the notes.

Locked-in Syndrome” I heard him mutter as he wrote.

Ermm, do you understand that stuff?” Case asked, raising an eyebrow at him,

Yes, I do....I used to be a doctor” He said, flipping through the other pages.

I'm pretty sure everyone looked at him like he was an alien then. He looked up from the paper after a few seconds of silence.

What?” he asked, “Is the idea of me being a doctor so unbelievable?” Everyone shook their head, except for Case who nodded vigorously.

Yup, cause you don't act like a doctor” She said, that earned her a glare from Eddie,

I wasn't exactly the most conventional doctor, but I knew my stuff and did a good job” He said.

Okay, let's look at files for others similar to Seth, look for things similar to what's on Seth's chart” He continued, sneaking another glare at Case.

You have an idea of what it is?” I asked

Not a clue, but this is the only lead we got, so let's follow it” He replied

Chris tapped Eddie on the shoulder and showed him a piece of paper.

Also look for something called Hemicrania Continua” Eddie said, motioning to Chris, who did not recognise the phase in the slightest. He'd written on the paper,

I had constant headaches before I turned”. Curious how they both had head problem and yet when they turned their brains were better than fine. Curious indeed.

By the end of one day we had barely scratched the surface of all the paperwork in this hospital. We started in the ward Seth had been in with the other coma patients. Most of it was pretty much the same stuff only some people had gone into a coma for different reasons.

C'mon, let's go, we can look through more tomorrow” Mary said with a defeated sigh.

Okay” I said, scanning one more piece of paper, and that's when something struck me.

Tomorrow I think we should look at files on patients who had mental disability’s too” I said during our makeshift dinner, everyone except Eddie either shrugged like they were too tired to care or raised an eyebrow without comment.

You have any new ideas?” Eddie asked

Not really, but I think we need more details of what happened in the hospitals, maybe there was some kind of contamination, I don't know” I said, then glancing at Seth and Chris.

But you guys might” I finished. 

The End

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