Hunted - Chapter FifteenMature

Part three: Discovering the Truth

Chapter Fifteen – Chris

Safe to say the ride back to this city wasn't exactly comfortable. Though the jolting of the car did equal lots of falling into awkward positions with Case, and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy that aspect a lot. And I think she'd be lying if she said the same thing. Sometimes I wish, wished so hard I had my voice back, that way I could tell her how beautiful she was without having to write it out. Of course I wished more that I was alive, then we could actually do something with these feelings.

“Not long now” Eddie said. Mary and Case had fallen asleep so me and Eddie were the only ones awake. Didn't make for very active conversation since he didn't really like me. But at least he wasn't reaching for his gun like he used to constantly do.

I gave him a thumbs up “okay” and resumed looking out the window, we were past the town now but we couldn't go onto the main road because it was too full of cars. Another jolt sent me into the back of Eddies seat.

“Sorry” he said through gritted teeth. Mary mumbled in her sleep but was otherwise fine, Case on the other hand woke up bleary-eyed, and her hair was messed up in that cute way. Damn I wanted to run my hands through it. We'd overheard Rachel and Seth's conversation so we knew it was safe to kiss and stuff. And yeah, we kissed once or twice when we were upstairs alone. But she was still unsure. Properly because of what a jerk I became during secondary school. Gah, I wish I could go back in time and punch me.

“Morning” She mumbled, I quickly held up a piece of paper,

“It's actually the afternoon, but hey too” it said, she gave me a little smile and attempted to reach over and punch me on the shoulder, but she was so tired she thought I was closer than I was, and her punch landed on the seat between us. She let out a frustrated sound when my body moved with the convulsions of laughing - though no sound would leave my throat.

“Meanie” she said, pouting, and of course making herself look even more adorable in the process.

I stuck my tongue out at her and went back to watching stuff go past outside. It wouldn't be long now till the sun set, looks like we were spending the night in a hospital. That's not creepy in the slightest.


Seth pulled the ford to a stop and we got out slowly. I put a hand on the back door when Becky moved to open it to tell her to wait. This city was crawling with zombies, and I really didn't want to attract a horde here. We explored the nearby areas and were relieved to find it was empty. Safe to say Eddie was upset I think he wanted to kill some things. We went to the top floor of the hospital and found a big open ward to use. Again I was struck by how empty of life or death this place was.

“Seth, out of curiosity, how did you know your name when you woke up?” I asked, trying to distract myself from the feeling growing in the pit of my stomach. I really, really hated hospitals. 

“It was on the chart by my bed” he answered, giving me a funny look.

“Are you okay?” he asked, Well I suppose last time we were both here whatever fear would've made sense. He was chasing me and trying to eat me afterall.

“I have Nosocomephobia” I said, knowing he had no idea what the was.

“Right” he said, deciding not to ask more.

“Don't let your heart rate go too fast then, I've heard over the radio that can attract them” Becky said.

“Now that's just stupid, I never notice when someone’s heart rate goes up” Seth scoffed

“Yes, but your not interested in eating people, so you wouldn't pay attention to it” I countered

“I think that's messed up logic, either way people are thinking about it way too much. We just listen” Seth said with a shrug and a motion to his ear. And that's when all hell broke lose. 

The End

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