Hunted - Chapter FourteenMature

Chapter Fourteen – Seth

The hug triggered a flood of memory's and I felt ashamed I hadn't recognised her.

My little sister, Rebecca. I wanted to keep hugging her. Wanted to grab hold of all these memory's. Mum and dad were always too busy fighting so I practically raised her.

“Ermmm, sorry to interrupt this moment, but can someone tell me what's going on?” Rachel said, I looked up from where I'd buried my head in Becky's shoulder and realised she had seen all of it. I stood up very quickly, suddenly embarrassed.

“Do you remember me now?” Becky asked

“Yes” I said smiling. I remembered everything now, it was relief, but at the same time it was weird, because I always assumed I'd be completely different now from when I was alive. But I'm not.

“Meet my little sister Rebecca” I said, answering Rachel's question. Safe to say shock passed over her face and something else I couldn't really name.

The door opened and we heard Chris and Case rushing downstairs, Eddie and Mary were back.


Right, everyone now knew that Seth had a little sister and we were gathered round the map.

“We didn't find much, there must be others raiding, maybe we should be making more of an effort to meet other survivors?”Mary sad, putting cross's on empty shops and warehouses nearby, as well as a gas station, guess the car is full now.

“Haven't you guys been listening to the radio?” Becky piped up from her seat

“Radio?” Mary said, how could we all have been so stupid.

“It's never even crossed our minds” I said, after that everyone split up, we had to find a radio somewhere round here. What we found was a very small radio, and all it received was static.

“We need a more powerful radio, any ideas?” I asked

“There might be a decent one back in our town, but Lucinda is still alive and might be waiting, We did kind of piss her off big time” Case said, biting her fingernails, a bad habit she seems to have developed when nervous or worried.

“What about the hospital?” Seth said, everyone but me gave him blank stares.

“There's a radio there” Becky said, realising what he meant, “But that's a long way to go, and the city is crawling with zombies” she pointed out.

“Pfft, guess I get to pull out Terry again?” Eddie said with a grin

“Terry? Really, you named the gun?” I said, not even attempting to hide how ridiculous I found it.

“What? An awesome gun like that deserves a name, don't say it doesn't” he replied, I rolled my eyes.

Chris started writing something I noticed, but everyone was still too busy bickering the pros and cons. I told them all to shush as he held up the piece of paper.

“Go to the hospital. Find out what happened. Why there are mindless and smart zombies”

That peeked everyone's interest, mine included.

“Maybe we can find out if Dan's theory was right or wrong” Seth said, Chris nodded. Because the thought that animals wouldn't work forever wasn't very comforting.

“So....we're going back to the hospital? We going through the town or-”

“Around, I am not running into that crazy zombie bitch again” Eddie said, “The landrover can take it don't worry, but not the van, we'll just find another car” he said.

So we packed up everything important and found another car easily enough, whole street to chose from.

“This one” Seth said, pointing to a Ford Expedition, “Had one of these when I was alive” he said with a boyish grin. He was more at ease than I'd ever seen him. His memory's back. Does that mean he might leave now? I hoped not.

“Okay people, everything is sorted out, let's head back to the big, old, bad city, remember your guns for zombie shooting. Oh, and don't forget your seatbelts” Eddie said as we all piled in and left.

I wonder what we'll come to learn, and if we'll like what we find out.

The End

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