Hunted - Chapter thirteenMature

Chapter Thirteen – Rachel

Case and Chris were upstairs talking about whatever it is they talk about. Seth was out hunting and I was sitting here bored on the sofa. There wasn't much to do except think, I couldn't help wondering that by now a large group of people must exist and that maybe their restoring order of some sort. Maybe we should travel to all the big cities and search for sighs of returning civilization. And the other thought going through my head...that kiss. Its silly. We only did it to stop anyone dying. Yet ever since I swear I catch Seth sending me odd looks. And when we were laughing earlier, his laugh just caught me off guard and made me smile. There's no denying if he were human I would want him. Or would I? Maybe the only reason I want him is because me and him can never be. Some messed way of coping with the fact that I may never find the guy I want now that there's so few of us left. Or maybe I just like Seth. Gah! It's all messed up.


Ack, what the hell just happened? I landed on my arm funny and it hurt like hell. I heard a large intake of breath and noticed the young girl nearby. She grasped the mental bar in her hand more firmly and tried to look menacing, but her scared and confused blue eyes kind of ruined it.

“Give me a good reason not to bash this across your head” She said, trying to sound brave but her voice was too squeaky and panicked. She seemed familiar but I couldn't place her.

“I can give you three actually” I said, standing up and resting one hand on the tree trunk. It had lighter bark showing where she had hit. She had strength in those little arms that's for sure.

“One” I said, holding up a finger, “You wouldn't get that bar anywhere near my head if you tried”

“Two” I continued, adding another finger, “don't think I'd go easy on you cause your a kid, you just lost me dinner so I'm somewhat annoyed”. She backed away as a raised the third finger, waiting for me to say my final point.

“Three, its not necessary, I don't hurt humans” I turned away from her to try and find another scent trail to chase. I wanted her to go away but at the same time I knew a kid shouldn't be on her own.

“If you hang around for a while I guess you can meet the others” I said, turning my head back to her. She was still gripping that bar as if her life depended on it. She was still giving me that expectant look. What did she want from me?

“The others, are they like you?” She asked.

“One other like me, the rest are human” I replied

“Oh....” she hesitating, chewing her lower lip, “Can I ask you one other thing?” she finally said.

“Why not” I shrugged, she didn't know how to take that so I sighed, “Yes, go ahead” I said

“Is your name Seth?” She said.

“How do you know that?” I asked, aware my voice was strained, but the only explanations for her knowing was that she had known me or of me when I was alive, or she had followed us, or she was physic. The last one didn't seem very likely.

“You don't remember me?” she asked, her voice was so small, like the wrong answer would break her.

“I recognize you, but that's all” I said, just started to return, “My memory's only just started to return, and I can't predict when something comes back”

“The doctors said memory loss might be a problem” She said with a small nod.

“So how did you know me?” I asked, wanting to know at last, because those blue eyes were reminding me of something, I just can't remember what.

“I...It doesn't matter, we weren’t that close, but its nice to see you. Even if your all zombie and stuff” She laughed nervously. She was lying, weather it was for my benefit or hers I couldn't hope to tell.


I heard the back door open and went to say hi to Seth only to see a small girl following him.

“Hi there” I said, raising an eyebrow to Seth.

“Found her in the forest, she's been travelling on her own for a while” he said

“And her name is?” I asked, Seth seemed surprised by something.

“I, uh, never asked” he said, looking sheepish. I rolled my eyes. Of all the thing I'd expect to follow Seth home, a child wasn't one of them. He never struck me as the type to be good with kids. Then again what did I really know about him?

“My friends called me Becky at school” The girl piped up from the doorway. Her eyes wandering and taking everything in.

“I going to sleep, I'll take the sofa, then the new girl can have my room” Seth said, walking out of the kitchen and leaving us alone.

“Thanks” Becky mumbled. She sat onto a kitchen table and rested her chin her arms.

“My name's Rachel, want something to eat” I asked, knowing she must feel nervous, she nodded mutedly and I turned on the gas stove. I remember when I used to think my mum was silly for teaching how to cook every evenings. Now, not so much. Heck I'd give anything to see her again, anyone from my family. Then I remembered something.

“Is Becky short for Rebecca?” I asked, looking back at the small girl, she nodded.

“Weird, Seth says the name a lot in his sleep, not that he really talks about his dreams, maybe I should ask him who she was” Then the girl started crying. I quickly turned off the stove and rushed to her. I had no idea how to deal with a sobbing kid, but Seth came running in, having heard it. Becky got out of her chair and ran to Seth, wrapping her arms around him. He hugged back looking uncomfortable. There's payback I thought. Then something occurred to him and he knelt down and hugged her seriously. I heard him mumble “Rebecca”. Why don't people ever explain stuff to me?

The End

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