Hunted - Chapter TwelveMature

Chapter Twelve - Becky

The first few times I attempted to drive I messed up, but after the seventh crash I got the hang of it, sort of. I hid mostly in our house when everything happened. Dad never came home from work that evenings and Mum was staying with Nanny. And Brother....Brother was still lying in a coma. The first place I went when I decided to leave home was the hospital. But it was empty, no Brother. Which means he's either a zombie. Or he's awake, alone and very confused. I may be eleven years old, but I'm not stupid. Learning to drive was the first thing I worked on, once I had that figured out I left the city. I avoided going through any towns or cities, not wanting to run into any zombies. When a car broke down cause it couldn't handle the rocks and stuff on the ground I just walked till I found a new one. But I was starting to get hungry and I could see the blinking lights of a house. I know brother always told me not to talk to strangers but I was running out of options.


“Haha!” Mary exclaimed as she found a map in one of cabinets, “Now we know the nearest towns and cities, who wants to get some more food?” She said with a grin.

“I'll go, I can shoot any zombies, just need someone to grab the food” Eddie said with a sigh. It had taken him a while to fully accept me and Chris, the first few days were the worst, he constantly carried a gun with him.

“Well, I guess I can go, you guys mind watching the fort alone?” Mary spoke up when no one said anything. She looked just a little bit too happy about being the one to go. And Chris noticed it too considering what he wrote on his notepad and held up.

“Behave, others have to sit in that back seat”, everyone laughed at that. I looked up after and was surprised, I'd never seen Rachel smile, at least not like this, she was beautiful. And it was strange as hell laughing, I think I miss it, what I remember of it from before.

My memory had come back in bits and pieces. Not enough to really figure out who I was, but I at least know I was a good guy.

“Is it that obvious?” Mary said with a blush,

“Yup, just as obvious as you two are loud at night, mum” Case said, leafing through a magazine about summer fashion, it was well approaching winter though here. Chris already joked about celebrating Halloween, but I think its to close to the truth for it to be fun. Mary's blush grew deeper and Eddies grin grew wider.

“Just promise me you won't dress up as a policewomen for him, you can't really use the “it's my job” excuse anymore” case said, Eddie response was to look extremely happy. Mary whole face was red now.

“Right, we're going!” Mary yelled, dragging Eddie with her who tried to whisper something in her ear, but she told him to shush.

“You don't mind?” Rachel asked Case after we heard the car pull away.

“Nah, I mean its sad dads gone, but at least mums happy. Though I think when this is all over and some kind of order is restored she'll have to arrest his ass for processing so many guns” She laughed as she threw the magazine back onto the table.

“Well, you lots have fun talking, I'm going outside” I said, getting up and waving to no one in particular as I headed for the back door. “Going outside” was the code word me and Chris used for eating, no one really wanted to imagine us actually hunting and eating small animals.


I climbed out of the car and walked into a wooded area, I wasn't sure yet if the light I could see was safe, so rather than use the road and enter from in front I figured I'd sneak through the back. I sometimes picked up broadcasts on the car radios, and they spoke of clever zombies, I really didn't want to run into one. I felt the weight of the mental bar in my hand. When zombies had ambushed my house they had chased me into my room and in the panic I somehow managed to tear off one of the metal bars of my bunk bed banister. I've been lucky I guess in that I haven't run into any other zombies since.

“Got you!” a male voice yelled from somewhere above me, I froze and panicked. But based on the sounds directions it wasn't aimed at me. I looked upwards, scanning the treetops and walked as quietly as possible. The moss and soft grass helped dull my footsteps, but if it was a clever zombie then based on what the radio said, he could hear me. I ran my fingers over the metal bar. I knew my only choice was to be the one who surprised first. I found a tree that I think the sound came from and whacked the bar hard against it. The vibration made my arm shake and feel sore. But I was more interested in the boy that fell out of the tree as a result of the shock. Because there was no where this could be happening. He was a smart zombie. My brother Seth was a zombie.

The End

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