Hunted - Chapter ElevenMature

Chapter Eleven – Eddie

I heard sounds outside and went to the window to investigate. I never ran to the door so fast.

“Get in here!” I yelled, ready to pull the trigger on the zombie, but instead of running in past me they pushed me back knocking my shot wide so I missed it. And of course it was Seth who knocked me aside. I yelled various curse words as Seth kept my arms down on the floor. I tried to kick him but it seemed to be making no difference.

“Eddie! Calm down, it's fine” Rachel said, waving her hands in front of her like you do when your trying to calm an angry animal.

“Nothing is okay until this guy gets off me” I yelled. Rachel looks from me to seth and then nodded. Seth signed and got off me, taking my gun before I could snatch it. I glared at them each and then the zombie.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?!” I said. The zombie has snaunck in now and was sat on the bottom step looking calm for all the world to see. If I had to kill him with my bare hands I would.

“He's not bad okay, it's fine, he doesn't eat humans” Rachel said, moving herself between us. I gave her an “Are you stupid” look.

“I'm serious, zombies can live off animals instead” she said, I began to talk and then something clicked.

“So what that zombie bitch said is true!” I said, turning to Seth, who looked very uncomfortable. I would be too if the gun expert found out I was what the gun expert liked to shoot.

“Give me back my gun so I blow your brains out and that freak too!” I yelled at him, which made him glare at me.

“Whoa!” Rachel said, getting between us, “No fighting between you, Jesus Eddie, don't you trust Seth considering we've all been travelling together a while?” She said, speaking some wrapped up sense.

“What's going on- Chris?” Case said, climbing down the stairs.

“You know about the zombies too, oh, that's just fucking great, does Mary know too, am I the only one being left in the god damn dark here?!” I yelled.

“No Mary doesn't know, but she will if you keep yelling like that” Rachel said

“Are you okay?” Case said, kneeling by Chris. How can she get that close to him, doesn;t she understand what a zombie does.

“Eddie, seriously, quit the glaring. Both these zombies are good guys. The zombie who's head I just shoot is a bad guy” Rachel said, grabbing my face with one hand so I was looking in her face. It was only now I noticed she had a bruise on her face.

“Look, this, everything....Just too messed up” I said, walking out the door and slamming it for my life's worth. Too messed up.

Though I felt kind of bad that Rachel got hurt, and I guess those two helped her out. Saved her and stuff. And its not the first time Seth helped her out. Rachel properly the only reason though. If she wasn't here he'd try and kill us. He would properly be walking hand in fricken hand with that crazy zombie chick. I kicked a rock down the street as I walked and thought crap. Then I noticed a body. Was that the zombie that hurt Rachel. I explored the house and found a second zombie. Damn, they'd had a real battle.


“Look, if he doesn't come back it's because he's too stubborn, you shouldn't feel bad” Seth said. I wasn't sure if I felt bad. I knew the truth would emerge eventually. Just didn't think Eddie would be the first to find out.

“At least no one got shot” Chris wrote on a piece of paper. That made me smile a bit. Mary has woken up, but Case stopped her coming downstairs. There was shouting earlier, but as I figured Mary is more accepting than Eddie.

“Chris! Come up here, mum wants to say hi” Case yelled downstairs, Chris looked a bit nervous as he got up and headed towards the staircase. And now me and Seth were alone in the dining room.

“It didn't mean anything” Seth said first, breaking the awkward silence, “right?” his dark blue, alive - like eyes were pleading for an answer, though which one I couldn't tell.

“no” I finally said, facing away from him. Because even if it did, nothing could happen. Then a thought occurred to me.

“Am I going to turn now?” I panicked.

“I doubt it, the doctors talked about a lot of random stuff whilst I was asleep and something they said was that when there's a breakout of any kind there are always a small amount of the population who are immune. If you don't have it by now, you never will” Seth said with a shrug, then paused, eyes wide.

“You remembered something?” I said, a small smile tugging my lips.

“Erm, yeah. My dream before...I think its how I died, or at least ended up in hospital” He said uncomfortably.

“How? Don't tell me unless you want to” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Heh, doubt anyone else will listen....I drowned” he said with a small shrug. I wish I had known him then, I would've tried to save him. But he would've still caught the virus I guess. But if I had saved him, if he had never became a zombie....i think that kiss could've meant something.

“Fine, you fucking win, but this is still fucking weird as hell” Eddies voice yelled as he slammed the door.

“And one more thing, none of whatever it is you do Seth, if your undead, look undead” Eddie said, poking his head in the dining room door before going upstairs.

“Need a fucking drink” Eddie muttered as he went.

The End

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