Hunted - Chapter TenMature

Chapter Ten – Chris

Case did the double flash outside what I assumed was her room, giving me the signal it was safe to leave my hiding place in the bushes and enter the house. She's been smart and chosen a room with a tree outside it's window so it was easy to reach her. To say I was happy that Seth told me the truth without any hesitation would be an understatement as I sat in the tree outside, looking in and sent a duplicate in.

“Hey, Mum's gone to sleep and Eddies downstairs, so we should be fine” Case said, she was by the bookshelf, looking through the books owned by the family that once lived here.

“You know it sucks that you can't actually talk to me” She said, by now she knew the differences between me and a duplicate. Small habits I had that they didn't.

“I can't help that” I said, shivering from the memory. Our house had caught fire, and the stairs had given way whilst I was trying to get out. When I woke up everywhere hurt and I was in hospital, I couldn't speak, my neck had been badly burned. I also had a constant headache. The doctors threw me into some kind of drug trial. Most of that's a blur, then I was a zombie and Lucinda found me.

“Couldn't you just get a pen and paper and write, I'd rather be talking with you face to face, not like this” she said. And I just knew I was going to give in into those eyes. She helped me despite everything that had happened in secondary school, so I guess I owned her big time.

“Give me ten minutes” I said. Then lost the duplicate and headed into town to find a notepad and pens.


“Seth?! What are you do-” I yelled, as he pinned me to the floor. Then I noticed his face, he looked in pain.

“Seth” I whispered, “What did you do!” I yelled at Dan which just made him laugh, ugh, I wanted to shoot him in the head so bad.

“If you must know I induced a hunger-like state, and when zombies get hungry their in pain. It part of what the virus does to us. Which is why your animal idea I imagine your using won't work forever. The virus needs new DNA to live, human DNA” he said with a grin.

Okay, I was definitely putting a bullet in his head, or at least I was going to hurt him somehow.

“Seth, please let me go, if I get him then it's over” I said.

“And if you don;t get him he'll make it worse, I'm barely stopping myself as it is” it took me a few seconds to understand what he meant.

“What do you want” I finally yelled at Dan, another laugh and grin, ugh.

“I want you of course, but it's fun watching the “good” zombies torture themselves”

He seemed to have a lot of knowledge of the virus and of other zombies, maybe he knew something about the virus before he turned. But I was beginning to miss Pete.

“I hope you never meet Lucinda” I said aloud through gritted teeth. All the time we were speaking I was glancing looks at Seth. He wasn't handling well, and we both knew it was only a matter of time before he gave in. I had to think fast.

“So, would it be stupid to ask how I stop this?” I said to Dan, really hoping he'd slip up somehow.

“I doubt it, hunger is a basic desire, it's hard to override” he replied, picking a piece of lint of his shoulder, acting like nothing was really going on. But he had slipped up, I think, hope. But what is another basic desire I can use?


I thought I heard laughing in one of the houses whilst heading back from town, upstairs. The dead body told me it properly wasn't anything good. I was glad it wasn't Seth or Rachel though. I found some ivy and used it to climb to a window, this room was empty, but it led to the corridor. And when I looked into the room it didn't look good. I sat down in the corridor, glad the bad zombie didn't see me. I needed to help. I could overhear their conversation. Maybe if I jumped on him it'd be enough to make him falter just a little bit.


It hurt, everything hurt. I wanted to give in, but I didn't want to hurt Rachel. I'd never be able to forgive myself if I did. This guy was so messed up in the head. I could see Rachel magnum, all I needed was for the pain to go for a just a few seconds, and I could grab it. But damn, I really hated the thought of using guns. But it far better than the thought of Dan winning and Rachel being hurt, or worse, killed. Then I saw an realisation cross Rachel thoughts. Which meant she was smarter than me, what I'd been able to grasp of her and Dan conversation hadn't helped at all.

“Please work” She whispered. Then she wrapped a hand round the back of my neck and pulled my lips to hers. It felt like an electric shock and without thought I was kissing her back.

I grabbed the magnum and shot a bullet in his shoulder, my mind was still too fuzzy to aim. But that was fine, because Rachel stole back the gun and got his head with no problem. She was shaking.

“You okay?” I said, getting off her quickly.

“I'm good” she said, neither of us had any idea what to really say. The kiss didn't mean anything, it was just a way to prevent things from getting bad, right?

I heard movement and looked up to see Chris, he gave Dan's body a good glare. Then held a piece of paper.

“Let's head back” it said, me and Rachel nodded.

The End

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