Hunted - Chapter SixMature

Chapter Six – Rachel

I was woken up by talking downstairs, I opened my eyes to glaring sunlight and mumbled various curses as I winced. I got ready as fast as I could and rushed downstairs to see what was going on.

“If we don't leave soon they'll figure out a way to get us here” Seth said from one side of the dining table, facing Mary who looked completely distraught.

“My husband died trying to get me and Cassie out of here, I am not going to risk our lives!” She yelled back. Seth slammed his fist down on the table in frustration.

“Do you really think your husband would want you and Cassie stuck here forever until the zombies figured out a way to get at you? We have more than enough guns to take them” Seth reasoned

“You don't understand what they can do, their not just smart, they have abilities too” Mary said

I glanced at Seth who met my eyes. He had to have already known they could have abilities.

“What can they do?” Seth asked, a serious glint in his dark blue eyes.

“Erm, before we get into that I just wanted to mention that I've got a secret weapon in my car boot, might be useful” Eddie said.

Two hours later, we had a plan. And I tried not worry about what I'd heard of their abilities.

Driving to the opposite of town was surreal, everything was the same, but you could almost sense that this was were the zombies had hung out, out of the corner of your eye you'd see some drops of blood, or a dark shape partially hidden that looked like it could've once been human. I pushed down the bile in my throat and continued driving the van that hid Eddies secret weapon. Mary told us there were a few smart zombies, but the ones to worry about were a women called Lucinda and her right-hand guys. She said she and Case only ever saw one who could stretch parts of his body, but never the second. She also had no inkling of what this mystery person could do. And that worried me, and I could tell it worried Seth who was sat next me, muscles tense.

We drove to a few meters away from the exit and stopped. Mary and Case looked around themselves from the landrover and all four of us exchanged looks. No one was here. Or at least not that we could tell. The exit was within view of the town centre were Mary said the zombies lived. Supposedly there are tunnels under the town centre that lead to different parts of town, including here. They've been there since medieval times apparently, though their purpose was long-forgotten and just used in case of emergency’s.

I opened my door and got out, ignoring Seth whispered “stay!”. I was suddenly way too aware of my loud footsteps on the concrete as I walked slowly towards the town exit. I heard Mary start up the landrover behind me, Case with a gun at the ready. I nodded my thanks and kept walking.

I was a mere footstep away from crossing the threshold when I heard high-pitched maniacal laughter. I turned around in time to dodge a women who had attempted to pin me to the ground. She slowly got off the ground to meet my gaze. Her white eyes looked creepy with her almost white hair and pale skin. She looked like a ghost. Like she really was dead. We both heard movement and looked to see Seth climbing out of the van. Both the slow grin spreading over her face and the glare Seth sent her way made me think they had already met.

“I see” she murmured, sending me a glance.

“Boys! These human are trying to leave without our expressed should we punish them?” At the sound of her shouting voice shaped emerged from the building nearby. There had to be around ten of them, according to Mary not all of them could do something special, I really hoped she was right.

“We eat 'em last I checked” said a guy with black hair that seemed to be falling out, there were bare patch's. But worse was that one side of his face was swollen, he must've only been able to see out of one eye, the swollen area looked badly infected, his right hand was also very badly swollen. This must've been Harry, Mr stretchy. And if I had to take a guess the ability had consequences. I wonder if Seth's ability has any consequences.

“Leave us alone, or else” Seth said, I'd never heard something said with so much malicious intent, I was more than glad he was on my side, cause that's a scary face he's wearing right now.

“heh, your funny...I'll leave you alone if you wish, but they won't” she said, gesturing to the other zombies.

“But before I let them have their way with you, I wanted to give you a little present” she said with a small wink in Seth's direction. She lifted her hand and pointed a finger at something behind me. I watched as a ball of fire licked from her finger into the air.

“Impressive right? But this is more amazing” and with that she threw the small ball behind me, I turned around in time to realise where it was heading.


“Rachel!” I yelled through the ringing in my ears, The explosion of the gas station had sent a shock-wave through the air, knocking me to the ground. But I ignored my own wounds, I had to make sure Rachel was okay, she'd be so close to the blast...she couldn't be dead, please don't be dead.

I stumbled to the rumble that used to be the gas station, searching desperately for anything, a piece of her blue jacket or wisps of her blond hair.

“Its hopeless dear, no one could've survived so close to the blast” Lucinda said from where she sat on a big rock, she got up and strolled leisurely towards me.

“Besides, if she does get up, she'll just be a mindless zombie, she isn't special enough to be like us” she said, reaching to take my hand.

“Get away from me” I said, whacking her hand away. She looked stunned before she glared.

“Mary!” I heard Eddie yell. He'd managed to get out of the van to see Mary facing a lot of zombies.

“I don't have time for you and your petty games, Luci, go away” I said, seeing her bristle at the mocking way I said the nickname. I turned my back on her and ran towards the others. Rachel would have to wait. I wondered where Case was for a second before I decided to concentrate on the task in hand.



Fuck, she was basically surrounded. So much for a us having the upper hand. I reached back into the van and hauled the secret weapon out. Why did this thing have to be so damn heavy I thought as I readjusted it and took aim. Nothing could withstand the power of the M134 gattling gun, it could fire uranium bullets and fired 4.000 bullets in a minute. These guys were toast. If I could just load it fast enough. That blast had messed everything up. Then I saw Seth heading down, I never realised he was such a fast runner. He easily shoved the nearest zombies away and pulled Mary out of there. Good I thought with a growing grin. I place my finger on the trigger, and let loose. It didn't take long to kill them. But something was off, weren’t there ten zombies, not nine?

“Your not very nice are you?” I turned around to see a zombie sitting on top of the van, but he looked a heck of a lot more worse for wear than most. I reached for my magnum, but the guy grabbed my wrist and stopped me. Which makes no sense because no-ones arm can stretch that far.

“What the hell are you?!” I yelled, trying to escape his pincer grip. He began to press down and I cried out in pain, I knew that if I didn't do something fast I'd have a crushed wrist, my firing wrist.

I reached into my jean's back pocket and slashed across the back of his arm with my pocketknife. He let out a yelp of shock and glared at me.

“Your really not nice” he said, jumping down from the car. He grabbed by the scruff of my shirt collar, his teeth were way to close to my face for comfort.

“Duck!” Mary yelled, I shoved him away and ducked down as a bullet flew over me and straight into that guys cranium, good riddance I thought.

"Thanks" i said, standing up.

"Eddie, you are hopeless" She said with a grin, i sent her a glare.

“What now?” I asked, as I brushed dirt off my jeans.

“I need to find Rachel” Seth said

“Dude, she was right next to the blast...I mean, its unlikely-”

“No! I'll find her, you two go find Case” Seth yelled, turning his back to us.

The End

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