Hunted - Chapter FiveMature

Chapter five – Seth

I muttered unintelligibly as I walked outside into the cool night air, letting the breeze calm down my anger. Why did I react that way? She was just trying to help me out, maybe not in the best way, but she had good intentions. At least I think she did. But she's right, I really don't know anything about her, I don't know what her family was like, where she lived, what her house was like, if she was married before this all happened. Now I kind of want to know, but I can hear her slow breathing from here, she's already asleep. I wonder what she dreams about. I pushed away thoughts of her and hunted for a few small animals in the part. An hour later I've come to the conclusion squirrels are the best. They taste better and they actually take effort to get which always give you a buzz. Well, if your a zombie anyway.

“Wow, didn't expect to see another undead here anytime soon” I bristled at the husky female voice, I looked towards an open area with picnic benches and saw a women perched on one, she had full lips and long white-blond hair and whiter still eyes. She noticed I was looking at them and laughed inwardly.

“I was on the verge of being entirely blind before I died, but it doesn't matter, because the change advanced my senses enough that I hardly need them. I can live with blurry vision, or should I say die?” she laughed at her own joke and stood up. She was very tall with a lot of curve.

“So, tell me what's your name new guy?” She asked, walking towards me and placing a hand on my chest.

“Erm..Seth, you?” I stuttered, why was I acting this way?

“Seth, nice, I'm Lucinda, currently in charge of the small group of smarter zombies here....Well, I use the phase smart very loosely, ones a mute, one never passed a single test and one never even bothered with school.....I could use a smart guy to lead with me, you strike me as smart guy” she said, moving closer to me still. All I could think was how her body pressed against mine. Why don't I go with her, maybe I belong with my own kind. Maybe -

“Together we can finish off those humans easily” She said interrupting my line of thought. Without a moments hesitation I pushed her away, causing her to stumble slightly.

“What do you think your doing?!” she yelled once she righted herself.

“I won't let you hurt her, ever. I won't let you hurt any of them” I said.

“Ha! Do you know who I am? What I can do?” she said whilst laughing manically

“I couldn't care less, I won't let harm come to any of them” I said, “nice meeting you by the way, hopefully next time will be the last” I yelled as I walked away. And I ignored the dark side of me telling me that I was similar to Lucinda. Because the moment she mentioned hurting human the image of Rachel in pain flashed through my head, and it was horrible. For whatever reason I want to protect her. Using whatever means necessary.

The End

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