Hunted - Chapter FourMature

Chapter Four – Chris

Lucinda had that smile again, the ones that meant more humans had wandered into our town. I wondered if Case and Mary even bothered to learn their names now, their the only people from this town who are still alive. Not that there are many mindless zombies left, Lucinda had me and Tom kill them ages ago so that there was less competition for food. Lucinda scared me a lot. She was the infamous story you heard around camp fires when you were eleven. She was involved in a chain of murders when she was twenty-three and was put away for life when they finally caught her. I wonder if that why the virus let her think, because it sensed she was evil. But then why can I think?

I was two days away from my sixteenth birthday when the house caught fire, I woke up on the day I should've been a day older. But instead I was undead. The fire gave me one gift I think, it scarred my throat so I can no longer speak. Which means the other zombies leave me be, mostly.

“Mute!” I looked expectedly at Lucinda.

“Go and look at the new survivors” she demanded. I pulled myself up from the dusty ground I'd be sitting and left the town hall where the zombies stayed and headed to Case's house. Me and Case used to be friends, then we started secondary and for some stupid reason I became a jerk. Now this has happened all I want is to talk – I know I can't technically – to her and figure out a way to fix everything, I don't like being a zombie.

It didn't take long to cross town and reach where they were staying, I went ot my ususal hiding place in a huge willow tree overhanging a pond and used my ability. It was weird havign a duplicate I could control whilst still being aware of my own surroundings. If I really wanted to speak I had to make a duplicate. Seeing through its brown eyes I crawled under the kitchen window thats always opened just a crack because Case's mum likes at least some fresh air. I could quickly smell a male and female human, the women smelt of vanilla and the guy smelt of sweat and metal. The third person was more confusing, part of my senses were saying that he was indeed human, but if I delved deeper he wasn't. I took a risk and peeked over the frame to see the third, and he did look human enough, but something was off still. Just what was he? I glanced at the others and landed on Case, she looked different now, she was much older and wiser than she'd been before the zombies, so was I, I guess. She still had long auburn hair and grey eyes. Why did I ever stop being her friend? I thought about sneaking up to her room during the night and trying to explain somehow that I wanted out, wanted to be human again. But that's just a fantasy that won't happen. The only friends I have now are Harry the zombie who can stretch any body part and Lucinda, the crazy ex-criminal who loves fire just as much as she did when she was alive.

Having noted stuff I let the duplicate fade and headed back.


God it's been a long time since I've had a bath, I was so happy when I heard Mary had an old generator for hot water that works without electricity. All I wanted to do was just lie here and forget the world for at least a few seconds. Forget that my parents and brother are dead, forget that I've somehow picked up a zombie guy. Forget the virus. But I could only do it for a short time, then I had to get out and grab a towel. The mirror was steamed up so I wiped it and thought back to how I used to be. I was one of those girls who got prettied up every Friday night after work, I went out with my girlfriends and laughed with them as guys attempted badly to flirt with us. Or oooed as a cute guy took one of us alone. Life made sense then, now its all about staying on your guard with a weapon at the ready. I borrowed some cloths from Mary till my own dried and sat down in the upstairs hallway, I could hear them all talking downstairs. Eddie was making some joke about it being creepy at night and Mary was laughing. Case was complaining about doing the dish's again, almost normal.

“What's wrong with you?” Seth said from behind me, I hadn't noticed him coming up the stairs.

“Nothings wrong with me” I said, wrapping my arms round me knees and looking away from him.

“Fine, if you say so” he said with a shrug, walking past me.

“Are you remembering anything?” I asked him, stopping him mid-step.

“No, still the same few images and sounds as before” he said without turning his head to look at me.

I shuffled uncomfortably, I was never very good at dealing with people.

“I'm sure it'll come back” I said lamely.

“Yeah....I wonder what happened to whoever my family were sometimes....I was alone in that room and there was nothing to even indicate I had family” He replied, sitting down where he was in the middle of the hallway, facing me.

“I doubt you had no family, who knows, maybe you'll meet a someone who knew you and they can tell you who you were, jolt your memories and such” I said, but he looked unconvinced and almost like he regretted mentioning anything.

“Why don't you talk to the others?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Because....I don't know what to say, how to act around them” He said with a shrug.

“Yet your able to talk to me?” I point out, crossing my arms

“Well, yeah, your easy to talk to, but I don't know anything about those guys” he defended

“You don't know anything about me” I countered

“Well.....shut up” he said before getting up and walking off. I let out a long sigh and felt bad for pushing him. I considered following him to apologize but instead I just went to the spare room Mary said I could have and went to sleep.

The End

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