Hunted - Chapter ThreeMature

Chapter Three – Rachel

“I'm Bored” Seth whined from behind me, I just rolled my eyes and kept walking.

Twenty-Four hours of listening to Seth's supposed wit takes a lot out of a person. And I was still struggling to adjust to his new appearance, I’m guessing its what he looked like before he died, how he died is still a mystery to us. I think it was different from how the others zombies died. From the looks of the approaching road sign we were getting closer to a small town, which should prove fun.

Seth cocked his head to the side and looked behind us.

“What is it?” I asked, switching from looking at him to looking at the road. Then I began to hear a faint rumbling and soon enough a huge land-rover came towards us and stopped. The drivers door opened and out jumped a guy with messy blond hair and brown eyes. And round his waist he had two magnums and round his back was a classic barrel shotgun.

“You two need a quick ride through the town, should beat walking” He said with a easy grin. One that told me he hadn't seen a girl in a while. Sadly he was definitely not my type. And yes I am aware that with so few survivors I'm not in much of a position to be picky, but I can't help it. I've never been able to find a guy I really liked.

“Well, looks like if we join you, zombies won't be getting close” I said, gesturing to the gun on his back. Which caused his grin to widen to a worryingly manic one. Something told me this guy loved guns too much, and I could already sense Seth bristling at the sight of them. A lot of people must've tried to shoot him since he turned. I let out a small uncomfortable laugh to break the mini silence and jumped in the passenger seat. Seth hesitated then opened the back door and let out an annoyed grunt. I turned around to see what bothered him and saw a very big pile of guns on the floor of the car. Ranging from snipers to AK 47's. It even had a huge machine gun.

Wow, this guy was odd, Or well-prepared.

“So, you two got a name, or shall I just refer to you as hot girl and quiet guy?” He asked, reeving the engine to life. I forced a smile and caught Seth's expression which summed up what he thought of the joke – his middle finger directed at the guy helped too-.

“I'm Rachel, he's Seth, you?” I replied

“Name's Eddie, your friend back there isn't a big fan of people I guess?” Eddie said, having seen what Seth did in the rear-view mirror.

“You get used to him” I said, glaring at Seth in the mirror and mouthing “Be nice” to him.

It wasn't long till we reached the town, driving through the empty streets, we were all looking around, it was obvious from the smoke and glass littered floor that this town had suffered riots. Rubbish lay about the concrete, moving slightly in the wind, only a few shops and houses were untouched. Eddie stopped the car and we all climbed out.

“I'll go see if there's any supplies that can be salvaged” Eddie said, he waved towards a nearby shop.

“Okay, I guess we'll go-” I was interrupted by a high-pitched scream in the shop Eddie had motioned too. We all looked at each other for a split second before racing inside – well Eddie grabbed yet another gun before following -.


His hand covered mine and he dragged me out of the shops back door as I heard people rushing into the entrance, a female voice called out, but I couldn't do anything.

I knew him, he was one of the smart zombies that kept a close watch on every town entrance, they let people in, but try to leave and they try to eat you. My dad learnt that the hard way, but at least me and mum are still alive. And those people who heard my scream are the first I've seen of other survivors. I mean there were others in the town who had survived, but the smart ones got them.

I raised a foot and slammed down hard on his, he let out a harsh yell and I managed to break free, but it wasn't long until I heard him catching up. He yanked me backwards by my arm painfully, then let go. I didn't understand until I saw another guy pulling him away from me. The new guy easily knocked the zombie out. I heard yells and turned to see two others, the women from earlier and a guy who quickly rammed a bullet in the zombies skull.

“Erm, thanks” I said, looking at them each in turn.

“No problem, are you on your own or are there others?” The guy with the gun asked

“Just me and my mum are left, anyone else who was from this town are either dead, or undead” I said, looking down at the guy that used to teach little kids at the primary school. I wish I at least knew his name.

“Do you two wanna join us and get outta this place then?” he said, putting a new round in his shotgun.

“ha, your kidding right? The smart zombies have this place locked down, you can get in, but if you try and leave they all jump on you” I explained

“Wait, smart zombies?” gun guy said, confused.

“They exist” The women said with discomfort, one I noticed she shared with the guy that saved me.

“Look, my name's Case, you guys are welcome to stay with me and my mum till you figure your stuff out, we kinda took over the biggest house in town that wasn't completely destroyed” I said

“Guess we haven't got much choice, lets go” The women said, “By the way, I'm Rachel, the guy with the gun is Eddie and the guy you thanked is Seth” I nodded and led the way. Maybe these people will stay alive.

The End

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