Hunted - Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two - Seth

Well, safe to say that was unexpected. And for the first time I've decided I want to willingly kill someone. Whoever that girl is, she left a very obvious scent trail and I plan on tracking it.

Besides, she doesn't know everything about me. Like the weird ability I have. Plus I need to leave this city, its empty of life now and I need to know if I’m the only one like this.

Unlike a living person I wasn't too worried about gathering supplies. I left the hospital in the cloths I’d managed to find – ripped jeans, black hoodie – and followed her scent out of the city, up a road where her scent was mixed with others. Admittedly I could sense the other two were closer. But I was set on finding her. I guess those two will never realise how close they came to dying.

I followed her scent until I was close enough to hear her as well. I admit for a human she was pretty good at staying quiet. But among the many things the virus had done, it had increased the ability of all my senses. As well as how fast I could move. I climbed up a tree nearby and moved through the tops till I found her. She was in the middle of an clearing surrounded by trees frowning at a book, a map I think. Someone is lost and alone and an easy target I thought with a grin spreading across my face. I stayed where I was and watched her first. She had blonde hair that had been pulled into a messy ponytail and her skin was lightly tanned. From this angle I couldn't see her eyes but I think they were a vibrant green. I dropped down to a lower branch so I within her view and decide to say hello.

“Boo” I said, making her jump with a little squeak. She looked in my direction and almost jumped again I think. She had not expected to see me any time soon.

“What are you doing here?!” she yelled, crossing her arms. I returned the gesture.

“Well someone hurt me and I decided that someone shouldn't be I decided to track you down and eat you” I shrugged at the last part. I expected her to get worried but she just looked angry.

“Why won't you leave me alone! Accept it, I managed to get away, now shoo, if you really think and feel you'll stop being a sore loser” I glared at her for that last part.

“Well there’s not much else for me to do, the city's only full of the dead, and your the last living person I saw-” and an idea took form, “Actually, there were those other two you had been with”.

“What did you do?” She asked calmly, though I think it was put on.

“The usual stuff zombies do” I said, being careful not to tell a straightforward lie. For some reason it mattered a lot that I never lied to her. A sickly expression went across her face and her hand shot up to cover her mouth.

“What is wrong with you?! You can think and feel and you should have some sense of, of...something!” The force of that last word made me take a step back in shock. I never expected this sort of reaction. This girl just keeps surprising me.

“Why? Because I used to be human? I can't even remember a damn thing about life before waking up like this!” I returned, closing the distance between us. She flinched but didn't back away.

“Then maybe if you hang around with humans your memories will return” She said, with a sad look in her face. Was that pity? She was confusing me too much. This close to her I could smell her around me and hear her erratic heartbeat. I felt the weirdest urge to reach out to this girl. Part of me wants to do as she suggests. Figure out my past and find an alternative to killing...but what is there?

“Look girly-”

“My name's Rachel” she interrupted. I glared at her but didn't shout.

“Look...Rachel, even if what you say is true...that my memories can come back, I still have the little problem of needing to eat people” I sat down against a tree and blew a strand of hair out of my face.

“Are you sure there isn't another way?” she asked, with bright green eyes that were very hopeful. Not just for me, but for all zombies. I guess us being able not to eat humans would be a very big deal.

“What about animals? Its kind of better I guess?” Rachel said with a shrug. It made sense I guess, meat is meat wherever you get it. I widened my senses and found moles, rabbits, squirrels and other small creatures. But the closest was a squirrel a few trees away. I disappeared into the treetops ignoring Rachel yelp of alarm at my speed. As always I didn't think about the killing and just let whatever made me zombie take control. Then when I was finished a felt a little jolt of energy. It had worked.

I walked back to Rachel who looked a little bit grossed out. That when I remembered I hadn;t clean the blood off and quickly swiped my sleeve across my mouth and chin.

“Ermm...sorry about that” I murmured

“You can't help it...don't worry” She said.

“ there’s an alternative...but how do you expect me to be a “pacifist” with other humans who shoot first and ask questions later?” I asked. That throw her for a loop, and for some reason the knowledge I would come up with the idea this time made me very happy. Before she could open her mouth to speak I used my ability. I recognized the feel of it now. Like ice cold water rushing over and throughout your whole body. I didn't change much. The more I worked at it the more energy it cost. And I’m guessing animals give less than humans. When I was finished I knew Rachel shocked look was staring at my more human-toned skin and dark blue eyes. I'd made my cheeks less sunken and my lips weren’t blue anymore. I looked alive and well for all the world to see. And the fact that I was actually a flesh-eating zombie would be me and Rachel's secret only. And no one was going to uncover it if I had anything to do with it.

The End

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