So there you are. My life, written out for the world to see. I may have done the wrong thing in your eyes, but to me, I did what I had to do.
Everybody knows the story of my brother. A few years after I left Hogwarts, the Dark Lord came to see my brother. You think you know what happened, but you don’t. This is really what went on.

Voldemort knew about me and Barty. He knew we were siblings. He knew before Dumbledore did. And the night he met my brother, when he was 13, he knew then. Oh, and he knew that Barty hated his father. So Voldemort made a plan. To bring both Crouch children over to his side, ruining the Ministry. But it did not work like that, for I didn’t know that I was a Crouch.
So his plans changed. He tried to make me hate both my families, by hinting the truth. He tried to make me hate Dumbledore, for telling me the truth. But it didn’t work. All he managed to do was show me who my real friends where- the people who really cared.

The night he came to the house, he had another plan. He wanted Barty to go to Hogwarts, and help him get his body back. Barty said no at fist, because he had turned his back on the Dark Lord. He was not a Death Eater. But Voldemort did the only thing that would ensure Barty would say yes. He threatened my life. And Barty did it, to save me.
Everybody said that Barty killed our father at Hogwarts. That’s even what he said. But it wasn’t him. It was me. I killed him, because my imperious curse went wrong. He was going mad. And I had to save me and my brother from him.
But everybody knows what comes next. The final task in the Triwizard Tournament. When the truth came out about my brother acting as Mad-Eye Moody for the year.

You may wonder why this does not add up to the story Barty gave when he was given Veritaserum. That’s because Dumbledore did not give it to him. Oh, the other teachers thought he did, but Dumbledore knew that if Barty told the truth, my role in it would come out. So Barty lied, placing the blame on him, his father and Voldemort. This last act was protecting me, making sure I would stay safe. And what did he get for that?
He got the Dementors Kiss.
They sucked his soul out, his personality. Because they didn’t know the truth. They didn’t know why he did everything, and they didn’t know what he was truly like.

My brother is dead now. I visit his grave every day, but I know he will never come back. The short years I knew him, in our childhoods, and the past few years I had, were the best years of my life.
And to the people who destroyed that-I want revenge. My father is dead. I will destroy the ministry. And Voldemort? One day, he will fall.

Evilness runs in my veins. And if being evil is what it talks to avenge my brother, I want to be evil.

The End

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