Chapter 28

As we got back up to the school, Professor Dumbledore was waiting. Adrian snickered, ‘its just like all those years ago.’
Dumbledore smiled. ‘Thank you for bringing her back, Adrian. She is safe with us now.’ It was a clear dismissal, but Adrian ignored it.
‘I’m only going if she’s happy with me leaving.’ He looked at me, but I nodded, telling him he could go. ‘Don’t blame her for this, sir. She had to know.’ Dumbledore smiled, and I watched as my friend left.

I turned to the professor. ‘I don’t want to talk about it, sir. Please, just let me go to the common room.’
‘The only thing I want to know, Guinevere,’ I flinched, but he did not notice. ‘Is that you are happy. Did it go to plan?
I looked at Dumbledore, and smiled. I knew now that the resemblance between me and my mother was striking. ‘Firstly, sir, my name is not Guinevere. It never really has been. It is River. And yes, it did go to plan.’
‘But were there consequences for what you have done?’
I think of my mother, now dying in Azkaban, and my father, under the Imperio curse. None of that mattered though. My brother was free. ‘No more than necessary, sir.’
He sighed. ‘I still worry about you, River. You may be happy now, but what about the darkness inside both you and your brother? You are both drawn to Lord Voldemort. And one day, one of you will not be able to stop your selves.’

‘Trust us, sir.’ I said, walking up to the castle. I walked into the common room, where half the students were still up. They started yelling at me, asking where I had been. I ginned at them, a ghost of my brothers smile. ‘I went to meet my brother. You better all watch out now, for my real name if River Crouch.’
There was silence, as they took this in. then a forth year piped up ‘Your brother is Barty Crouch Junior? But he’s a nutter!’
I turned to her, grin still on my face, and she flinched. ‘Be careful what you say…’

The End

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