Chapter 27

We walked into the house. ‘Adrian?’ I called, hearing a relieved sigh from the other room.
‘Guinevere?’ Adrian’s voice quivered. Something was wrong. ‘Gwen, I could do with your help!’
‘Shut up!’ I heard another voice. Must be our father.
I got my wand out, and walked forwards. Barty pause by the door and bent down. I looked, and saw that he had a wand in his hand. He mouthed at me ‘Must have been our mothers. She must have dropped it…’ he looked sad for a second, but the slowly, his strange, manic grin appeared again. ‘Come on.’

He lead the way forwards. As we walked into the room, I saw what had happened. Adrian was sat in the chair, his hands and feet tied together. Our father stood next to it, pointing two wands at Adrian’s chest. ‘One more move and he dies.’ Our father said. ‘I have informed the ministry about what has happened, and they will be here soon.’
I laugh. ‘And they will find you, tying teenagers up. What good will that do?’
‘They will not find me, but you two. I will hide under my cloak, and watch as you go back to where you belong!’
‘Guinevere, just go! Run and take Barty, ill be fine.’ Adrian yelled at me.
I looked at him and smiled, but faced my father when I spoke. ‘No. My name is not Guinevere. I am River. River Seth Crouch. The lost Crouch daughter. The one you hid. I think you would be the one going to Azkaban. Not us.’
‘They would not believe you!’

Barty spoke up suddenly, his eyes blazing. ‘Yes, they would, Father. Because if they looked into my memories, they would find the same as in River’s. and in yours- well, who knows what they would find.’
‘I will just have to wipe your memories again, the, wont i?’ he pointed one of the wands at me. ‘Obliv-‘
‘NO YOU DON’T!’ Barty roared, sprinting forwards. He knocked the wand out of our fathers hand, pushed him to the ground, and then stood over him. I saw in his eyes what he was about to do. ‘AVADA-‘
‘Barty, stop!’ I cried. He did, looking at me.
‘Why? You can see he does not care for us! What’s the use in him living?’
‘Because we can do this?’ I moved in front of my father, staring down at him with hate. ‘Imperio!’

His eyes misted over. He stood, and went to the cupboard, and got something out. His invisibility cloak. He gave it to me, and then sat down on the sofa.
I looked at my brother, handing him the cloak. ‘Barty. I need to go. I need to finish my last year at Hogwarts. But I dint want to loose you. So I need you to do something.’
‘Stay here. Watch our father, but stay hidden, under the cloak. Please. And then, this summer, I will come back and we can leave him forever. Would you do this for me?’
He nodded, then looked at our father. ‘What about him?’
I grin. ‘He’s under my control. I don’t know how long it will last, but he wont tell anyone.’

Barty smiled, then, slightly hesitant, he hugged me. ‘Goodbye, River.’
A few tears leaked out my eyes, as I waved my wand, releasing Adrian. He stood up, and putting his arm around me, he guided me out. ‘Come on, Gwen-River…Guineriver.’ He smiled. ‘Ill take you back.’

The End

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