Chapter 26

‘Barty?’ a small voice at the doorway. I had forgotten about our mother, who came in. ‘Um, river…Guinevere? You need to hurry up if this is happening.’
‘What’s happening?’ Barty asked.
‘You’re coming out. You and I are swapping- and don’t say no, Barty. I would rather be here than with your father any longer.’

He grinned. ‘You mean I’m free? How?’
‘With this.’ I took out the flasks. My green one, ready to leave, and two, one for Barty, and one for our mother.
‘Well, what are we waiting for?’ he grabbed a flask out of my hands, and held his other hand out for some hair.
She took some out, but paused before giving it to him. ‘I am sorry, you know. To both of you.’
I nodded at her, but Barty smiled. ‘Mother, the only thing you did was marry a ministry obsessed idiot. You did nothing wrong.’
She smiled sadly, a tear dripping down her face. ‘Goodbye, my children. I love you both.’ She drank the potion, and Barty did the same. He walked to the door, and opened it, gesturing for me to follow. He looked back once, smiled briefly, and then closed the door behind him.

He looked at me in the corridor, grinning. ‘Well, little sister, lets go home!’ he started to walk down the corridor. I had to run to keep up.
‘Barty, slow down! You have to act like your mother until we are out.’
He looked at me. ‘Your right. I just don’t want to be here any longer. I want revenge!’
I grabbed his arm, turning him around. I hissed at him ‘Barty, if you are thinking about anything, anything like that, I will take you back. I did not do this so you could go and kill our father. I did this because I wanted to know you. So you have to promise me you wont do anything that will land you back in here. Promise me!’

He nodded, looking serious. ‘Ok. I won’t kill him. But I don’t understand why you want him alive.’
I smiled slightly, and started to walk again. ‘Because wont it be better if he has to live with this? Live with the fact his whole family hates him for what he has done?’
‘River, that man doesn’t have a heart. He would not feel regret for this.’
‘But it would make me feel better.’
We were outside by this time, and even though the rain and clouds blocked out the sky, Barty looked up and sighed. ‘Fresh air. It’s beautiful, don’t you think?’ he looked back at me. ‘If this is what you want, then I promise.’

I nodded, and then grinned at him. ‘Let’s go have a family reunion!’

The End

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