Chapter 25

Getting to Azkaban, the hate I had got worse. How could a father let a son go through this? The Dementors, drifting around the prison, sucked the happiness put of everything here. I could hear the screams of people inside, slowly going mad with loneliness and sadness.
‘This way,’ mother whispered. ‘Follow me.’ As we walked, I felt like I was being watched by a hundred eyes, with the Dementors following us, and the people in their cells.
I suddenly felt a change, and looked down. I was changing back. ‘We need to hurry. The potions stopping.’
My mother looked at me. ‘We’re nearly there. Its that door.’ She pointed down the corridor. As we got to it, she opened it for me. ‘I’ll let you talk to him first.
‘Wait, what’s the spell, to get memories back?’ she told me, and then gently pushed me through the door.

The last of the potion wore of as I walked through, and as Barty Crouch Junior looked up at me.
A manic grin crossed his face. ‘Who are you?’ he said.
I paused before answering. ‘My name is River.’
His expression didn’t change. No recognition, nothing. I sighed, pulling out my wand. ‘I need to do something. Then you will understand.’
He laughed. ‘You giving me a wand?’
‘No, I’m giving you these.’ I said the spell, non-verbally, and watched as Barty fell to the ground. As the minutes went by, I saw a mix of emotions cross his face.

Fear, anger, hate, but beneath it all, a brief glimpse of joy.
He looked up at me, shocked. ‘What is this?’
‘This is what your-our- father took from us. Our true childhoods. I am River Crouch. Your sister.’
He laughed, humourlessly. ‘And what are you?’
I paused, taking a second to understand. ‘Me? I, Barty, am a true Blood Traitor. And however much you hate that, there’s nothing you can do to change it.’
He grinned. ‘Oh, yes, you really think that?’
‘I do. Take my wand. Kill me if you want to.’ I held my wand out, and after a second, he took it.
Looking at it in wonder, he raised it, pointing it at me. I didn’t move. ‘Av...Av. I cant! Why cant I do it?’ he said, throwing the wand down.

‘Because you remember.’ I said, simply.

The End

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