Chapter 21

I knocked on the door, Adrian stood behind me muttering angrily, under his breath, like he had been from the start of the journey here.
The door opened, revealing a man and woman.
‘Mr and Mrs Crouch.’ I said nodding at them. ‘May I come in?’
The man frowned. ‘Who are you?’ he demanded.
I smiled at him. ‘I will explain everything when we are sat down.’ I said, moving past him.
As I sat down, Mr Crouch turned to me. ‘What do you want?’

I looked at Mrs Crouch. My mother.
‘Seventeen years ago, I was born. I had a mother, a father and a brother.’
I was cut off. ‘We don’t want to hear about your life story!’ Mr Crouch shouted.
My eyes snapped to him. ‘Actually, I think you do. You see, by the time I was seven, I still didn’t have magic. So my memories were wiped- as were my brothers- and I was given new memories, along with a new identity, and a new family. My name was Guinevere Seth.’ Mr Crouch flinched. ‘Oh yes, Mr Crouch, I know. I may not remember, but I know.’

I had forgotten about my mother being in the room, until I heard a gasp. She started crying. ‘River. My River, you’ve come back!’
I looked at her confused. ‘River?’ I asked.
Mr Crouch snorted. ‘You don’t know everything then. That’s your name. River Crouch. She named you,’ he pointed to my mother. ‘Said you were going to be a force of nature. Powerful.’ He laughed. ‘Got that wrong. You’re nothing more than a Squib!’
I laughed. ‘Me, a Squib? She was right, you know. Shall I show you?’ I pointed my wand at him. ‘Crucio!’ I shouted, putting at my anger, hate and pain into the curse.

My mother screamed. ‘Stop, please stop! He is your father.’ I looked at her, stopping the spell.
Mr Crouch stood up, and sneered at me. ‘That could get you a place in Azkaban, you know. Maybe we could get you a place with your brother.’
Mrs Crouch looked at him, her frail body shaking with anger. ‘No. you have pushed both our children away, and now you want them both in Azkaban? They are your children. Your blood!’
‘They are nothing to me. They are not my children!’
‘Then I am not your wife.’ Mrs Crouch said gravely.
I felt awkward, and wanted to leave. Looking around the room, I realised Adrian wasn’t there.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Mrs Crouch looked at me, tears in her eyes. ‘River. Guinevere. I am sorry about everything. I never wanted this to happen. Your father made us. I’m sorry I didn’t stop it.’
There was a sudden crash from the room next door. Adrian walked in to the room, a cauldron in his hands.
‘Mr Crouch, someones been doing some bad things, haven’t they? Why else would you have made Polyjuice Potion?’

The End

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