Chapter 20

The day went in a blur. Ah hour pasted, then lunch, and then, suddenly, it was time to meet Adrian. I hid in the girls toilets, casting a Disillusionment Charm on myself. It was pointless though, as I didn’t see anyone as I crept out the castle. I didn’t think anything of it-but I should have thought it suspicious.

As I got to the gate-open- I could hear voices. I went nearer, keeping to the shadows. As I walked through the gates, I could see the two figures. Adrian, pointing his wand at Dumbledore.
‘Old man, you cannot stop this. She wants to do this. It is her life, not yours.’
Dumbledore put his arms up, in a manner of submission. ‘I am not saying it isn’t. All I want is to ask her myself. I am giving her one last change to think about this.’ He raised his voice. ‘Guinevere, you don’t have to hide.’

I felt the Disillusionment Charm lift, as Adrian dropped his wand in surprise. ‘Gwen, I was just telling the professor that this was your plan.’
I smiled at him, then turned to Dumbledore, scowling. ‘With all due respect, sir, this is what I want to do. I am seventeen- I am of age. I need to do this; I need to find out about my family!’
He sighed. ‘I can see that I cannot sway you from your choice. But you will need these.’ He walked to the wall, and passed me two brooms. ‘You see, Guinevere, You push me away, but I will help you, even if I disagree.’ He turned, and started walking back to the castle.

I looked at Adrian, and smiled. ‘You ready?’ I asked.
He laughed. ‘No, oh, hi Adrian, how are you? Then?! Come on!’ he grabbed a broom, and sat on it, flying above my head. I did the same.
‘Where to then?’ he asked.
I paused, not wanting to tell him the truth, what I had decided earlier in the day. But I had to. ‘We’re going to London.’
He looked at me. ‘Why? Azkaban is in the North Sea. Why London. Gwen. And don’t lie.’

‘We’re going to see my parents.’

The End

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